Get the filename that starts with "tax_" in a specified path

All Experts,

        I have no idea on how to get a file name that starts with a variable value in a specified path.

       For an example:

       I have a string variable :  String val = "tax_";

       I have a path : String up_paths = "C:/foldername";

       A file named tax_file.txt exists in "C:/foldername".

       The program is able to get the file name that starts with "tax_" in the path C:/foldername. Then the "tax_file.txt" will return.

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I would suggest looking into the File API, in particular the listFiles(), and the list(filter) methods to get the files contained within a directory.  
public class MyClass implements FileFilter
    public void getTaxFiles()
        File dirToList = "C:\\foldername";
        File[] taxFiles = dirToList.listFiles(this);
        // taxFiles is an array of files that start with "tax_"
    public boolean accept(File filter)
        return (filter.getName().startsWith("tax_"));


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See I thought we weren't supposed to give full answers for homework questions???
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Hi grim_toaster,

  If this is a homework question, then it looks like a very small part of it.  It doesn't "smell" too much like the typical homework questions that we get here... EasyWaye is only asking for some specific details and isn't offering 500 points ;-)

  If you thought that it was homework, then perhaps you should have mentioned this in your first comment.
EasyWayeAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I get the answer before you give me the answer. I am using different logic. But, seems like your one better.

     String filetype = "tax"; //actually filetype is a passing parameter
     String [] directoryList = theFile.list();                    
     int num = 0;
     num = filetype.length();
     String val = "";
     String filename = "";
           for (int i=0; i < directoryList.length; i++) {
             if (val.equals(filetype)) {
             filename = directoryList[i];
EasyWayeAuthor Commented:
This is not a homework. Just is a small part of my program. I am developer but still new in Java. Thank you anyway.
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