How to write Variables In #Trim Statement?

i want to write the following:

<CFINPUT NAME="Type" TYPE=text VALUE="#Trim(<cfoutput>#url.table#.Type</cfoutput>)#" SIZE="20" REQUIRED="yes" MESSAGE="Check Type Field">

I get an error:


Invalid CFML construct found on line 14 at column 55.  
ColdFusion was looking at the following text:

The CFML compiler was processing:

an expression beginning with "#", on line 14, column 54.This message is usually caused by a problem in the expressions structure.
an expression beginning with "Trim", on line 14, column 49.This message is usually caused by a problem in the expressions structure.
the tag attribute "VALUE", on line 14, column 41.
a CFINPUT tag beginning on line 14, column 11.
The Error Occurred in C:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\rbuck\pages\admin\editLand.cfm: line 14
12 :   <TR>
13 :     <TD><STRONG><FONT COLOR="#FF0000" SIZE="-1">Type:</FONT></STRONG></TD>
14 :     <TD> <CFINPUT NAME="Type" TYPE=text VALUE="#Trim(#url.table#.Type)#" SIZE="20" REQUIRED="yes" MESSAGE="Check Type Field"></TD>
15 :   </TR>
16 :   <TR>

Any ideas?
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#url.table#.Type - what is this

u r passing something in the url what is the name of that variable...

Too many # signs.  Try this: (you may need to put <cfoutput> round the value attribute):

<CFINPUT NAME="Type" TYPE="text" VALUE="#Trim(url.table)#" SIZE="20" REQUIRED="yes" MESSAGE="Check Type Field">

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is url.table a structure then try this


zakirdavisAuthor Commented:
url.table is not a structure.

It is simply the name of my table passed through in url.

I fixed the problem by the way.
u confused me totally by writting url.table.type... :-)
anywayz good that u solved it...

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