URL for Java Certificate?

I'll take SCJP next 4 months, and I'm looking for a good exam simulator, and I found Whizlab, and JQPlus, I've done it, but I want to look for more questions. Please give me some links, to get these programs. Thankx!
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If you're getting decent results with the sample tests you've tried, then go for the exam.  Don't bother trying to learn all the answers, because you aren't going to get the same questions in the exam ;-)

Good luck.
Make sure the simulators are like the software you will use in the exam or you may get an unpleasant surprise of unfamiliarity! The classic Cert book certainly used to have its CD exercises very close to the actual exam software:

Hi there friend;

I'm also like you and hoping to certifide soon but anyways
here are my share.

Online Exam :

Here is one of my favorite :

Also try this :

Hope it helps . . .
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tinh911Author Commented:
To CEHJ: Do you know the program used in the actual test?
Can I get this program (if allowed)?
No you can't get the program used in the actual test.  It's probably not that important anyway, the questions are the important bit.

I found a bug in the test software when I did my SCJD exam ;-)  I hope they've fixed it by now :-)
tinh911Author Commented:
Do you know which simulator likes the actual test most?
This one seems quite good: http://www.lanw.com/java/javacert/TestApplet6.htm, however I didn't see the "Mark" facility that allows you to put a mark on a particular question so that you can review it later.

This one is very similar and has the Mark facility I mentioned, however it didn't work in my browser (Mozilla Firebird):


These two give a very similar appearance to the real exam (or at least to the exam I took 3 years ago ;-)).

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>>It's probably not that important anyway, the questions are the important bit.

This is true. All I was warning against before is getting used to a different kind of software.
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