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I'm working on my own website and I want to create what would call a "Hint Box", ie. when the user moves the mouse over text or a table a coloured box pops up explaining what the item does.  I think the E-E website does this for advertising, when certain keywords come up in text like data, it used to do it anyway.

My question, what language should I write this in, the rest of my site is in php but I suspect javascript or DHTML would be what I'm looking for.  Can someone give me an example or link to a website please?


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whos_wee_dugAuthor Commented:
Yep, the box that pops up when you put the mouse over the word data is exactly what I'm looking for.


You could try using <abbr title="Tooltip text goes here">Word</abbr>.  This certainly works in Mozilla and should do in IE as well.

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whos_wee_dugAuthor Commented:
Thanks, you gave me the term "tool tip" which I searched for on google and foundd this thing called OverLib which is exactly what i needed. so you get the points, thanks.
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As I said, my answer works in Mozilla and gives exactly the results you require.  Unfortunately it doesn't do the same in IE (IE doesn't display anything for abbr tags).

Still think grade C is a /little/ harsh...
eventhough the Tooltip is a great way to display text, I like using  this method
DHTML should do the job

just download the zip (if this is what you need)
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