Domain user account not retained on local PC

Greetings experts,
I have a user on my domain, I will call jdoe.  Now jdoe has an account set up on the domain controller in active directory.  The account is enabled, not locked and accessible from any PC on our network.  This AM the user attempted to logon as normal w/ jdoe a password and set to logon to the domain not the local computer.  When the desktop screen appeared, the default windows screen appears, you know the one that appears when any new user logs on and wants to give you the guided tour of windows.  All of the user jdoe's settings are gone.  Now my first thought was that they were deleted by another user.  But I did a few tests on other PCs.  I can log on as jdoe on any of my PCs and get new settings for that local pc.  When I log out the settings are not retained.  We are not using roaming profiles.  This seems to be the only user affected.  No domain policy settings have been change that would cause this action.  I have determined that it is isolated to the user account not a specific PC.  The domain controller is W2K server and the PC is W2K pro.  Really the only thing that matters is getting the email back.  As far as I know nothing has been changed on the network/pc.  I am the systems admin, so I have not made any changes, that does not mean that a employee has not hacked the system and is playing around.  Thanks in advance.
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Rob StoneCommented:
Is the old profile in the D&S folder?
If so, create a local account and copy the details to that profile to see if you can resue anything.

Make sure that in gpedit.msc that delete locally cached profiles isn't enabled.
EaglePressAuthor Commented:
No the old profile folder is not in the documents and setting directory.
SO you can logon as the user, log off and back on as yourself, and there is no account folder for the user in the D&S folder?

If so, check to ensure the user isn't using a mandatory roaming profile. I know, you said you aren't using them, but if there is one set, could be the cause. A fresh profile would be sent each and everytime, and it would be a new profile, and no settings saved. Fits the criteria for the problem.
As Stoner79 suggested, it could also be a GPO, though you should know about it as the sysadmin, your fear that the admin account compromised is POSSIBLE. Check for GPO links and permissions set only to that user with read and apply set to enabled.
Good Luck!
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EaglePressAuthor Commented:
The user is not using a mandatory roaming profile.  There is nothing unique about this user to the other 100 users already setup in active directory.  I checked the GPO, nothing out of the ordinary there either.
Not to beat a dead horse, your sure you checked for all GPO's?
The only reason I ask is with OU's and what not, it is easy to overlook one.

And, sorry, but I am still wondering about the test. You can logon as user, logoff and back in as self and no profile is stored?
I'm sure you answered but I want to fix that as a reference.

If yes, then most likely, given the answers you have already given, I would have to guess a corrupted record for the user. Having never seen that you can guess the incredulity... 8-)
Is that a word? Incredulousness? Whatever!
I had this situation occur a couple weeks ago.  Check the user account in the AD (properties).  Then view the MEMBER OF tab.  Make sure the user jdoe is not a member of the GUEST or DOMAIN GUEST.  No matter what other groups the user is a member of the most restrictive group policy will override any other policy.  The guest account, by default, does not retain any setting, whether login to the domain or a local pc.

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