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Hi there,
i'm interested in looking at the performance of my stored procedure.  Whats the best way for mesauring this, and whats the best ways to speed them up ( general tips probably will help me out).  Whats a good and bad response time for sybase by the way.

regards Peewee

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1. look at the execution plan by using SET SHOWPLAN ON before execting the procedure, ensure it is using optimal indexes
2. also measure the timings of the procedure SELECT getdate() before and after the EXEC
3. don't get caught in the trap that cache has on the 2nd and subsequent executions

well this is a lot harder, it is usually the wrong indexes are being used by the optimiser, or the ideal indexes dont exist. You can force indexes using "index hints"
    eg.     SELECT * FROM yourtable (INDEX yourindex) WHERE ...
but many developers/managers try to avoid index hints. evaluate the entire logic of the procedure, consider removing cursors if you are not executing a child procedure within the loop, try and avoid updating your #temp tables, that is quite slow

we could go on for every on this subject, but we wont

good luck
> Whats a good and bad response time for sybase by the way

to do what ?
on how many rows ?
using ASA or ASE ?
what version ?
on what hardware, operating system, disk and memory config ?

that is a pretty open question
lots of information on working with (and around :) the optimiser at
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you need to provide some feedback here
PeeweeAuthor Commented:
apologies for the lack of repsonse here, i seemed to have forgotten about this one for some reason.

Its seems that my problem could be out of date statistics, here's my final question:

how do i check when the last time my statistics for a given table ie test_table where run?

thanks in advance peewee


there is no simple way that I am aware of, but you could
- compare the rowcounts from the first two commands
- look at the dates from the third command



exec sp_spaceused test_table
from sysobjects o, sysindexes i, systabstats s
where o.type = 'U' and = 'test_table'
and = and =
and = and s.indid = i.indid
from sysobjects o, sysstatistics s
where o.type = 'U' and = 'test_table'
and =

name      rowtotal      reserved      data      index_size      unused
test_table 2685828      503846 KB      303560 KB      176914 KB      23372 KB
name      name      rowcnt                  
test_table      test_table      2684273.0                  
name      moddate                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:45:43.946 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:45:43.946 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:45:43.946 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:45:06.946 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:45:06.946 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:45:06.946 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:43:15.430 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:43:15.430 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:43:15.430 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:43:04.430 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:43:04.430 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:43:04.430 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:44:19.946 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:44:19.946 AM                        
test_table      7/03/2004 3:44:19.946 AM                        

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