Having problems shareing an internet connection from a win98SE machine to a WinXP machine via LAN

I have a bit of an odd problem here

I have a win98 machine with a good modem that i use to connect to Netzero(yea i konw but dialup is about my only option and so far it's Netzero or AOL) because of NetZeros java thing i cannot play some online games with my friends. So i use my Winxp machine to play them on.

Before i go any further.. i was somehow able to share my internet connection when i just installed winxp until recently.

Recently i am trying to get internet access back to my winXP machine that has died.

On both machines i am able to read the others HDD via the network. On the win98 machine it's almost instant, on the XP machine whenever i open a new folderit takes a minute before it pops up a windos.. but since i play MP3's on the XP machine(and store them on my win98 machine) i am able to read any file after i get into the directory no problem.

Oddities: Alright if i try to use the standard FTP client i am able to connect to FTP servers. I am also able to go to www.google.com and searh for pages...but any of the links that show up on the search i can't get to. I even type in www.microsoft.com on the XP machine and i can't find the website. I think i might have to visit a site on my win98 machine before i am able to read it on my XP machine.

I have disabled the firewall on XP and even set a default gateway on the XP machine(and yes it's correct) but still no luck.

At this point i am willing to reinstall win98 as well (i reinstalled winxp alread since it fixed my problems once)

Thank you for your time
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Diane258Author Commented:
Well it does have some good info.. however after working through what was on that site i still can't share the connection.
>Alright if i try to use the standard FTP client i am able to connect to FTP servers.
from the 98 machine?

After you dialup the XP machine, can you run WINIPCFG on the 98 machine and RELEASE-RENEW

tell me what you have for DNS servers

Have you run an ad/spy checker on the 98 machine?

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Diane258Author Commented:
Yea i have some spyware software already.

and i do not have a DNS server enabled.

Gonna try wingate.. but i am not getting my hopes up. :(
The 98 machine has to either proxy dns from your XP machine or use your ISP's dns server

>After you dialup the XP machine, can you run WINIPCFG on the 98 machine and RELEASE-RENEW

>tell me what you have for DNS servers

and does it still not work when you do that?
Diane258Author Commented:
Nope.. i can still ping sites and connect to FTP serviceses when i type Ftp www.microsoft.com in the Start>Run

I got both Netsape, IE and Opera.. none of them work... neither does MSN Messagener :(
>After you dialup the XP machine, can you run WINIPCFG on the 98 machine and RELEASE-RENEW

>tell me what you have for DNS servers
Diane258Author Commented:
It's the Win98 machine that has the Modem.. not the winXP machine

as for DNS servers.. i have nothing listed in either of them
well, that's a problem...
Did you change to the modem adaptor in WINIPCFG?

If there's no DNS server in WINIPCFG on the 98 machine or IPCONFIG /all on the XP machine you wouldn't be able to resolve anything
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