clients can connect to dialup modem with local number but not toll free number

I have a unique problem.  I have a modem set up on a Windows 2000 server and clients that have dial-up permission can connect to it using our local telephone number 555-1234, however, we also have a toll-free number 1-888-555-1234 that when dialed it "rolls over" to and becomes the local number.  I can dial both numbers with my telephone and get the "screaching modem sound" so I know it is dialing.
I can use the same laptop and dial the local number and connect to the network, the dial the toll-free number and hear the noise, but it will NOT connect.
ANy suggestions, PLEASE...  
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check this link. it has lots of suggestions.
Greetings, rand1964!
   So no one can connect using the toll free number?  Double check the setup for the toll free number. Put a comma between the 1 and 888. This will allow 2 seconds for long distance to switch over.

Best wishes, war1
rand1964Author Commented:
Nope, the comma between the 1 and 8 didn't help..thanks anyway..
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Has anyone been able to get the toll free number to work?  If not, have you check the setup?
rand1964Author Commented:
The toll free number worked up until about two weeks ago.  How do I check the setup?  The telephone company is in control of the number and they say it is "not on their end"...when I dial the number I do indeed get the " fax tone " that I should hear...It just will not connect.
Lets backtrack.  Did you do something to change the setup from 2 weeks ago?  Install something or uninstall something?  Reverse the change.
rand1964Author Commented:
Nope, not a thing.  
rand1964Author Commented:
Well, at least not on our end....our phone service provider merged with with a larger company around 2 weeks ago, but they swear up and down that there is nothing wrong with the line.
If I understand your problem, the local number works fine but the toll free number does not.
I suspect that the toll free number has too much noise and is preventing th modems from negotiating properly.
I suggest that you try this simple test. Disconnect the modem on your side and connect a normal telephone to the line. Have someone call the toll free number, using a normal telephone, and have a short conversation listening for excessive noise and/or echoes.
If you hear what sounds like noise or echoes then you should complain to the phone company.
rand1964Author Commented:
Pardon the pun but the line is "clear as a bell".
Have your TELCO provider do a line's free and they usually don't have to send anyone out.  Most TELCOs now will only support your line up to a certain speed (i.e. upsell you on DSL service instead).  Just because the line SOUNDS clear to you, doesn't mean the line is clear.

I experienced a while back where someone didn't have a phone cord long enough to reach the wall jack so they spliced another short piece of phone wire together and taped it up nicely.  Granted it worked fine for voice, even sounded "clear as a bell" but the modem refused to connect.  

So check the following...

1. Replace phone cord with SINGLE line phone cord (I've seen that make a difference too)

2.  Have telco provider do a line test on the 800 #
rand1964Author Commented:
Our phone service provider has "tested" the line so many times at my request that they get angry when I call.  They claim it is fine.  Still, it makes no sense to me that the local number connects and the 800 number that rolls over and dials the local number doesn't.  I mean ALL the 800 number does when dialed is become the local number.
You may want to try using HyperTerminal to see if you can get more information about the problem.

To use HyperTerminal:

1. Start HyperTerminal (Start > Programs >  Accessories > Communications > HyperTerminal)

2. File > New Connection (will open a dialogue box requesting a name, enter anything you like)

3. Connect To dialogue box will appear - select Connect using and select Direct to COMx - replace x with the COM port that the modem is connected to. Click OK.

4. COMx Properties dialogue box - setup the port. Click OK

5. You will have a blank screen with a flashing cursor

6. Type at<enter> - response should be OK

7. Type atdt#######<enter> - replace ####### with the number to be dialed

8. The response (this may take a minute or so) should be CONNECT followed by some connection information (e.g. speed, protocol, etc.)

9. If you get an error response it may help you figure out what's going wrong.

Good Luck
rand1964Author Commented:
Our Phone Company finally admitted that it was their fault.  They finally fixed it, though they never told us what it was.  Thanks for all the responses, but this was one that nothing was going to fix but the phone company.
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