Redemption for mass submission to search engines

Hi all,

I guess I've been a bad boy...

I see an ad for TrafficSeeker, I buy it, and I happily run the thing every month doing deep submits of my web site, thinking that's how everyone gets their site listed.  

I build 50 doorway pages (I know they suggest no more than 10-12, but I say if 12 is good, then 50 is great, right?)

And I do searches a year later and Google barely recognize that my site even exists (I can search on exactly my domain name and get like 2 pages back ... and one link doesn't even work...)

And then I read stuff here and around that basically says everything I did up to this point was bad... very bad... and it's the type of thing that can get you "black-listed."

On top of everything, I have multiple domain names pointing to my web host (host is ok with it, I pay a yearly fee for each domain) but I use a backend redirect (Coldfusion CFLOCATION) to point the domains to the right directory based on the domain requested.  I understand that search engines might not index my homepage because of this.

I know I was lazy and ignorant for the TrafficSeeker stuff.  The CFLOCATION thing, well, really no better way to do it besides pay for more hosting... Anyway, I'm a but more edumacated now, I recogize what I've done wrong, and I want to get on the road to recovery.  So my questions:

1. Is there any way to find out if my site(s) are blacklisted?  Is is easy to get blacklisted, or do you need to really really really tick them off?

2. Is there any way to get off a blacklist once you are on it?  How do I fix what I've done (short of getting a new domain name...)

3. Am I correct about the CFLOCATION thingy?  Any way around this?  Do I just provide the actual full address for the index page instead of the "naked" domain?

4. Is there any "good" way to use TrafficSeeker?

I've read several good suggestions re. improving search engine rankings in this area, really great stuff.  Working on implementing some of the suggestions (titles, robot metas, etc.)  Not quite there yet, but it's getting better...

Hope you guys can shed some light.  Be gentle :)  

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pbguy -

Well the good thing is you have learnt - some people never do :)

1. Download the Google toolbar and see if your PR is greyed out - if it is - maybe you have been penalized.

2. No - start again with a new domain.

3. CFLOCATION will send out a 302 when a 301 (moved permanently redirect) should be used.

4. There is perhaps one - give a copy for Christmas to a competing website :)

- duz

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pbguyAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the comments - certainly you have givern some of the best advice around at EE!

For the CFLOCATION thing - is there any alternate way to accomplish the same thing  and be seaxrch engine friendly, or do I just have to specify the exact .cfm page when I register my pages?

Thanks again...
pbguy -

OK I need to know more about why you need the redirects; is it to redirect users but not search engines i.e. for the doorway pages you mentioned?

- duz

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pbguyAuthor Commented:
Sure duz,

BTW increased the points since it's technically another question...

I guess the short answer is - yes, to redirect users, not search engines.

The long answer...

I have a (shared) hosting account.  My hosting provider allows me to point more than 1 domain name to my account, but will only point those domains to my root directory.

So if I have the following domains:

... without using the redirect trick, visiting any of these domains would bring me to \index.cfm (you would see the same home page for all 3)

When I use the redirect trick, I look at the domain that was requested ( using #CGI.SERVER_NAME#) and depensing on which one was requested, I redirect to a directory with the appropriate home page, i.e.

<CFIF FindNoCase("","#CGI.SERVER_NAME#") GT 0>  
<CFLOCATION URL="/mydomain" > 
<CFELSEIF FindNoCase("","#CGI.SERVER_NAME#") GT 0 > 
    <CFLOCATION URL="/mydomain" > 

<CFELSEIF FindNoCase("","#CGI.SERVER_NAME#") GT 0 > 
    <CFLOCATION URL="/another" > 
<CFELSEIF FindNoCase("","#CGI.SERVER_NAME#") GT 0 > 
    <CFLOCATION URL="/another" > 

<CFELSEIF FindNoCase("","#CGI.SERVER_NAME#") GT 0 > 
    <CFLOCATION URL="/personal" > 
<CFELSEIF FindNoCase("","#CGI.SERVER_NAME#") GT 0 > 
    <CFLOCATION URL="/personal" > 

   Unknown Domain

So in this case, visiting the 3 different domains yields 3 different home pages.

Hope that makes sense, I look forward to your ideas!

pbguy -

Well it sure is an interesting way of doing it! To tell the truth I am not sure exactly what the SE bots will make of it - when they follow the CFLOCATION it's treated as a 302. A 302 means the move is temporary and that the resource (e.g. page) will return to the original URL at some stage. As a result search engines will not update their database to use the new URL. Also a potential problem is that all this is happening on the same IP address and Google bots in particular are on the lookout for multiple redirects on the same IP. Use the header checker here and confirm all the redirects are coming up as 302s. I assume all your domains that have redirects are well indexed already is that correct?

- duz

pbguyAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in responding....

Please clarify - What do you mean by well-indexed ?

BTW - hopefully this will be a non-issue in a couple months - looking at a dedicated server where I'll have control of the DNS - that will give me the ability to kill those redirects.  In the mean time, I'll check out the tool and see where I stand.

Thanks again, look forward to your reply...
pbguy -

>Please clarify - What do you mean by well-indexed ?

I meant showing up well in the search engine results pages.

>...looking at a dedicated server...

Way to go!

- duz


pbguyAuthor Commented:

Well, actually indexed poorly (why I'm worried) but we'll see what happens in a couple of months after the changes have a chance to roll through.  Hopefully we'll start to see results...

Thanks again duz!

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