What kind of output does TXMLDocument.XML.Text deliver? Mismatch problem with parameter.value ... :(


I'm using:
 paramADOXML     : Parameter;
 paramXMLString  : WideString;

The following two lines of code generates the error "The application uses a value of the wrong type"
   paramXMLString :=   myXML.XML.Text;
   paramADOXML.Value := paramXMLString;

but if I exchange it for the following, it works perfectly!!!
   paramADOXML.Value := '<DAL typ="logMessage"><Message Sender="Henrik" Receiver="Collins" CorrelationID="0" TransactionID="0" Message="hello world"/></DAL>';

How come? Why doesn't he accept the paramters in the first place?

The parameter is supposed to be of the text type, I'm using a SQL Server Database.



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Just a guess: Use String instead of WideString ???

henrikatworkAuthor Commented:
No, that doesn't work...
paramXMLString prints out correctly as you would expect?
henrikatworkAuthor Commented:
I don't know how come this can be, but by changing the size from 255 to 4000 it works... It seems to me, as if the XML header (<!--utf-8 etc... >) contained those extra characters that wouldn't fit into the param of the size 255!

Thanks for trying, problem solved.



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