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BootUp Screen For Window98 And RedHat 9.0 lost

Posted on 2003-12-04
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-22
I have two oprating system in my PC linux RedHat 9.0 and Windows98 .
the partiotion for windows98 is Fat32 and it is 30 GB out of 40 GB and remaining 10 GB is for Linux RedHat9.0 ( On ext3 file system )
i have sattled dos as a default boot recorder.
When ever i start my PC Intle P3 (1.1 Ghz 128 MB RAM) on startup screen PC ask me for What I Want To Do That I Either login in DOS Or RedHat 9.0 . And Assign me 7 second for Particullar choice.
The Problem Is This
My Window98 was cruppeted and i installed it again by formating c: (Primary Partition ) And installed a new window98 from a bootable CD.
When I Installed Window98 then the choice screen which ask me for RedHat9.0 Or Dos Loging is Disappear.
Now My PC Start And Go In Win98 Automatically. Never Ask Me For Dos And RedHat9.0. I Know That RedHat9.0 Is Install Till Now  In 10 GB Ext3 Partition. What Can I Do .
I Want To Go into RedHat9.0 as well as win98. Well i want to create that boot choice screen again.
what is this. and how can i go into linux RedHat9.0.
Please Please Help Me  
Question by:Cheeetaa
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Expert Comment

by:Karl Heinz Kremer
ID: 9879102
You should have created a boot disk during the Red Hat configuration (I'm pretty sure it asks you if you want to create a boot disk). This disk would allow you to boot your Red Hat installation even though the boot loader on the hard disk was changed.

The problem is that Windows does not play nice with other operating systems: It assumes that you only have one system on your disk, which of course is Windows. By installing Windows you did replace your Linux boot loader with the Windows boot loader.

Use your Red Hat installation CD and boot your system with it. During the boot sequence, it will ask you if you want to start the rescue system. If you do that, you have access to a small Linux system that can repair your installation.

I assume that you only have one IDE hard disk. This disk is known to the Linux system as /dev/hda, it's partitions are /dev/hdaX with X a number 1,2,3,4...

Once the rescue system is up, log in and run the following command:

grub-install /dev/hda

This should repair the boot loader.
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Expert Comment

by:Karl Heinz Kremer
ID: 9879109
BTW: Your question is not security related, you should have posted it in either the Linux area, or Linux Administration.
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Accepted Solution

paullamhkg earned 460 total points
ID: 9880544
as khkremer suggest try to get into rescue mode or small linux system from here http://dilbert.physast.uga.edu/~andy/minilinux.html (tom and hal91 which are quite good) for rescue your boot manager of LILO or GRUB.

have a check here http://www.syrlug.org/docs/HOWTO/LILO-crash-rescue-HOWTO/index.html for LILO rescue

and how to install GRUB http://www.syrlug.org/docs/HOWTO/Multiboot-with-GRUB.html

But in your comments you said "i have sattled dos as a default boot recorder." do you mean the loadlin the boot manager of dos with linux if yesm have a check here http://elserv.ffm.fgan.de/~lermen/manual.txt

or this one http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Loadlin+Win95-98-ME.html

Expert Comment

ID: 10050154
    Well all that has happened was that you lost the boot loader - GRUB or LILO when you reinstalled win98. You can choose to go to the linux again by using a startup disk. In this case you will need to use it ebery time you need to boot into linux. Else you can reinstall the grub. For that I think it has already been installed. Well if that way doesn't work just goto linux using a startup disk and in linux just updrade the kernel packages. There are certain pakages like "bigmem" used for systems with alrge RAM. Well it won't hurt if you install that too. Well in this case during upgrading the GRUB will get rewritten and there you have the GRUB or LILO restored. I think this will work for you as you are new to linux. Happy Linuxing.

Expert Comment

ID: 10471679
I've just had the same situation,
I Tried the links you say here, but they made me do a lot of things, reading, downloads, tests...So much trouble. -but thaks anyway ;) -
At last I got the way to resolve this issue.
Indeed we've lost the boot loader -GRUB-, what you have to do is:
1- boot from your RedHat 9 CD1,
2- at the promt, type "linux rescue", then ENTER
3- select the language, keyboard, skip the NIC configuration -we don't really need it at this time-
4- when RH asks you to make a copy of your files to the /mnt/sysimage, do it! -press 'continue'-
5- Go to the shell
6- type "chroot /mnt/sysimage"
7- go to the /boot/grub directory
8- here comes the solution: type "grub-install /dev/hda" and press ENTER

That's it!!!
Nothing is missing, your settings are there, you only need to 'refresh' the boot loader.

Now reboot your computer normally.

Hope this helps. I think it's a little bit late, but it can be handy for other people.
Be well.

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