someone wanna give me a brief explination of what parsing is?  how to do it? a simple code, maybe.  What i need to do it.. just the basics

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Parsing what?

Parsing string?

"I love milk"

now programatically find word "love" within the string

    Dim sParseMe, sLove As String
    Dim iLoveStart As Integer
    Dim iLoveEnd As Integer
    sParseMe = "I love Milk"
    iLoveStart = InStr(1, sParseMe, "love")
    iLoveEnd = InStr(iLoveStart, sParseMe, " ")
    sLove = Mid(sParseMe, iLoveStart, iLoveEnd - iLoveStart)
    MsgBox sLove

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learning_t0_pr0gramAuthor Commented:
yes, but what if you wanted to get a word, but u didn't know what it was...

example: text from a website... like a profile or something
well , you'd need to define something to parse on ... in your website example it may be an html or meta-tag....
You have to have some clue as to what you are looking for. For advanced parsing use the regular expression object , its basically the big cannon of this subject ....


And a question I answered (with complete source code) on parsing lottery numbers from a website
learning_t0_pr0gramAuthor Commented:
ok... i kinda understand a little now... what i'm trying to make is you type a Yahoo! ID and the password to it, and it tells u all the profiles on the account...

heres an example:

if you click that link, it will log you into a yahoo id and you can see that it has profiles

i want it to add the profiles to a list box


Default ID: (default id)
Profile 1: (profile 1)
Profile 2: (profile 2)

ect.. but when i try, it adds the first 2 ids, and then starts adding a bunch of nonsense
here is what i have, if u can tell me whats wrong with it:

Dim page, theDefID As String
Dim defStart As Integer
Dim defEnd As Integer
Dim sHowFar As Integer
Private Sub Command1_Click()
If id.Text = "" Then Exit Sub
If pw.Text = "" Then Exit Sub
page = Inet1.OpenURL("" & id.Text & "&passwd=" & pw.Text & "&.done=")
On Error GoTo blah
defStart = InStr(sHowFar + 1, page, "[<a href=""") + Len("[<a href=""")
defEnd = InStr(defStart, page, """>Edit</a>]")
theDefID = Mid(page, defStart, defEnd - defStart)
found.AddItem theDefID
sHowFar = sHowFar + defEnd
sHowFar = 0
Exit Sub
End Sub

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