Screen Scraping with Javascript

Is it possible to do a screen scrape with Javascript?

My situation is that I have a web page that contains a column of information. This column is built with a variety of CMS and ASP applications. I need to feed this column to another vendor's external web page.

Their technologies prohibit me from using ASP.Net or ASP. Is there a way I can do this with Javascript?

Thank you,
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can they not put a iframe on their site and set the src to yours?

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you technically can't screen scrape with javascript, but. . .

jaysolomon is right, just embed an iframe or even a standard frame and point the source at the correct url.

or you could have the js write out the iframe dymaically, like:

document.write("<IFRAME SRC=''>")

don't know why you'd want to do the dynamic method unless you're determine the url at runtime, etc.
btw, if you DO want a nifty way to screen scrape within asp, there's a way to do it. native asp won't let you do it, but of course can do it. but there's a way in classic asp to achieve this and it's airtight.
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> Their technologies prohibit me from using ASP.Net or ASP.

How so? Their technology choices should have no effect on what you can or can't do on your own server. Please explain.
greddinAuthor Commented:
Zontar, I don't think you understand. They are running Apache. I can't do ASP on their server. If we're talking about doing a screen scrape of a page on my server with ASP - I can't do ASP on their side.
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JSONP might provide a path to a solution.  It accounts for the cross-site scripting issue.
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