redirecting IIS 6.0 default website redirects all child nodes

Can somebody tell me how to stop IIS from doing this.  All I wanted to do was redirect the default website to /exchange.  After I did this, everything underneath "default" switches to "redirected to /exchange".  Somebody help
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Right click on the default website under the IIS Admin.
Now under the location or directory tab,
Besides having it pointing to a virtual directory called /exchange or to another url called, just have it point to the 'DEFAULT' directory that you want it to go to...

What are you trying to achieve? From what I read, the IIS is only doing what you told it to do. Redirect everything to the default website to /exchange..??
mrsmith14Author Commented:
what im trying to do is have my default website be Outlook Web Access.  Everything I've read says to do it this way.  I want to redirect the Default to be OWA.  When I do this though it changes everything underneath it to redirect to /exchange.  For instance I have Exchange underneath Default Web site, so Default is directing itself to exchange which then directs it to /exchange.  Results are a never ending loop
mrsmith14Author Commented:
ok maybe i should be more specific.  Outlook Web Access by default goes to "defaultwebsite/exchange".  By redirecting the default to go to /exchange url, it should just go straight to the Outlook site.  However, thats not the case because the exchange now directs itslef to /exchange instead of the real directory.  I hope I'm making sense.
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2 suggestions...

1.  If you don't necessarily need the root of the default site to be exchange (i.e. why not just use the URL as it relates to your current IIS configuration.  For example, if underneath your default site you have a virtual site (exchange), why not just visit your URL like....  ??   If that won't work for you try this...

2.  Re-direct the INDEX.HTM, or INDEX.HTML, or default.htm whatever page you're using as your INDEX (main page) to your exchange URL.  In other words re-direct the default page of the default site instead of the entire default site
mrsmith14Author Commented:
Im dumb... I guess all I needed to do was redirect it and check the "URL beneath this" box.
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