Consuming XML Web Service with ILE RPG?

We are going to develope a new application in the AS400. This is goint to be done in ILE RPG.
In this application, somewhen we have to call a XML Web Service. Is it relative easy to call a Web Service from a ILE RPG Program (I would need a sample)? If not, have you got the same problem and how did you solve it?
Thanks for your time.
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MurpheyConnect With a Mentor Application ConsultantCommented:
For the Full automated handling of EDI and XML on the AS/400 we use a package:

TrustedLink (formal known as EDI/400) from Harbringer.

MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
What do you mean by XML Webservice ????

jaimoskyAuthor Commented:
Well, a Web Service that is based in the SOAP.
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