VB solution help.

I need help with a project i need to develop. Can some one write the entire code for me ?
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If you want, we can give you some starting points/suggestions for creating your application or solutions to some speceifc problems, but we are not allowed to do dewelop a complete application for someone.

Tell us what is your app supposed to do, what will it be used for, how is it supposed to look and behave etc.? And someone will probably give you guidance on how to develop it yourself.
Ryan ChongCommented:
We didnt help ppls doing home work here!

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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
some sites will help you like rentacoder.com

What was that?

You were supposed to post a question to Community Support requesting them to delete this question.

Now, you have lost 500 points for nothing.
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