Windows98 without Mouse Driver.

My hardware will confilct with mouse on win98(win98 can't boot if I have connect my hardware),and my appliction needn't mouse,so can I use win98 without mouse,that is to say,any mouse driver wouldn't be loaded when win98 is starting. Especially I hope the methods is very simply(needn't amend system.ini and win.ini directly).

Thanks a lot!
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hi d_chenxin,
?? unplug the mouse and Boot the PC, Win 98 runs quite happily without a mouse, get used to using the Tab button :0)

Windows key +Esc opens the start menu
Alt +Tab switches your open windows

d_chenxinAuthor Commented:
Hi Petel,

But you don't understand my words,I need a windows98 without mouse driver.I konw how to use windows with keyboard. My hardware will conflict with win98,so I found win98 can't boot when loading mouse driver after I analysed bootlog.txt file created by Win98.
d_chenxinAuthor Commented:
I want disable mouse when win98 bootup.
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Go to device manager and disable the pouse.
Boot into Safe Mode by tapping the F8 key as the PC boots up - once into Windows the mouse will either work because the conflict isn't present or you can use your keyboard to navigate to Device Manager and disable the mouse:

Windows + Pause Break = System Properties
Right arrow =  Device Manager
Tab twice, then down to highlight Mouse, push right arrow key to expand list, highlight specific mouse then ALT+R ro bring up properties and ALT+D to disable, return and then escape and restart your PC.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
OIC sorry

just delete the autoexec.bat file and the config.sys file, then NO 16 bit drivers will load - dont panic W98 will start without these two files quite happily (and slightly faster)

I vote for killing it in device manager to suit request. I recommend considering a different approach to installing your HW, it seems there just ought to be alternative.

PeteLong, thanks for that. news to me -- interesting. I think I agree that I'd try it that way first, since it simplifies manners. But maybe those drivers will be needed by the app (?). (but I'd place them in a backup directory - move them, rather than delete - I usually come up with a name such as \boot\ for such things)
I take it you have an IRQ conflict - with what?

Maybe resolving the problem would be better than sliding round it.

PS - Probably won't help but try:

Right click on my.... don't believe I said that.... My Computer> Properties> 'select mouse'> Properties >'look at the drivers, if any are in (brackets) then:

Start> Run> type 'SFC'> In the lower of the 2 long boxes type the driver that was in brackets, ie mouse.vxd

check it's going to the right location ie Windows\System\VMM32 or whatever was in the brackets

press return

You can do this for any file that windows shows bracketed, the bracketed files are what it wants to use but can't find

OK me fingers hurt - bye

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Err... thanks? Did it work/help then d_chenxin?
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