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In lotus 6.5 client when I write a new memo in the "To:"
when I type few characters then type enter it look for contact in all the adress books I have.
I want select the adress books where it has to look.
Anyone had a clue?
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You can define multiple (local) adressbooks in your user preferences. You'll find additional settings on the mailtab of your location document.
meciabAuthor Commented:
I can just set my "local adress books"
And it seems not related with the search on the "To:" field
That will be defined in your Location preference document. Goto Servers Tab and set Domino Directory Server to the server where you want it to look.

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You don't have much choice on the type-ahead and automatica lookups.  You can tell it to either only check local address books (you can have multiple local address books), or local and server address books.  But you can't get any more specfic than that.

In the address dialog, you can indeed check a specific address book.

There is one trick you can use.  If you want to check only certain server address books, and not others, you can modify notes.ini to treat certain server address books as if they are local address books.  Then set your location to only use local... which will include the "local" that is really a server lookup.  Edit NOTES.INI and look for the line names=names.nsf.  Change it to:


That will check cause the server named "servername" to have its main address book treated as one of your local address books.  If you want to check a different address book on the server, replace serverName!!names.nsf with servername!!someOtherFile.nsf or serverName!!path\fileName.nsf

You can also do multiple servers or multiple address books on one server:

meciabAuthor Commented:
But the problem is if I know enought letter of the name it can retrieve the complete name by clicking enter but if not, it open a popup with few name but no one my personal adress book!
Well then your mail tab should have these settings

Recipient name type-ahead:      Local then Server
Activate recipient name type-ahead:      On Each Character
Recipient name lookup:      Stop after first match
It could be the index in yor personal book is outof date (either corrupt or failed to updated).  Try the following:

1) Open you personal address book
2) Press Shift-Control-F9
3) Create an e-mail
4) See if it will now pick up the names you expected
The ini-trick and the setting under preferences are the same thing... (just to let you know if you don't want to go and edit ini.)
In the locations document, what's specified as homeserver? Are you using local or server based mail?
Are the different addressbooks addad to your workspace?
meciabAuthor Commented:
no, it open the popup with many name of the group adress book but no one of my personnal.
BVut if I type enought letter it autocomplete the name correctly with the contact from my personal adress book
You say that you cannot pick your local address book as a choice in the list right they try Creating a new location doc and switch to it and check
I want you to try a test.

Create a new personal contact, first name qwaletee, last name xyzyz, e-mail

Create a second new personal contact, first name qwaletee, last name abcdefg, e-mail

Create an e-Mail.  Type QWALET as the e-mail address, and press ENTER

What comes up?

meciabAuthor Commented:
the name is completed, but when I type Q then enter i've got all the name execpt names on local
Try setting this parameter to

Recipient name lookup: Exhaustively check all address books

You got all meaning, from other server address books too and not local.. that is weird !
Did you rebuild the location document as I said.. Note: Don't copy any existing documents.. just create a new from scratch

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meciabAuthor Commented:

with "Recipient name lookup: Exhaustively check all address books", I have the name in the popup. Thanks
My real problem is that there's many adressbook in the server, but we use just one usually. So the other adress book polluate the choice...
Someone know how to ask lotus to check by default only local adress book then a specific adress book on the server. And keep other adress book accessible if needed.
Many thanks
You could also write a servlet.
meciabAuthor Commented:
Did you have an example?
That is what names=names.nsf,serverName!!names.nsf parameter in notes.ini mentioned previously by qwaletee does.
>  Comment from qwaletee                              12/08/2003 01:29AM
> ====================================================================
> You could also write a servlet.

> ====================================================================
>  Comment from meciab                                    12/08/2003 01:33AM
> ====================================================================
> Did you have an example?
Sorry, this was posted to the wrong thread.

Unfortubately, without using the INI hack I provided earlier, you are asking to "eat your cake and have it too."  You are asking the Domino server to keep certain addresses as valid, but never displayed to the user.  I suppose that Lotus could add such an option, but I don't know that it would make a lot of sense.  If you never want users to see these names, you coudl just drop the additional directories from Directory Assistance.  Users could then access the other Domino Domains represented by that directory only by using full domain addressing (User In That Domain@That Domain Name).
Stan ReeserTechnology StrategistCommented:
One thing that I have found usefull is to give the user various "logins" with the same user id.  Each login is a separate notes.ini file that is accessed via a different shortcut.  This way if they want to have all adress books available they can have a notes.ini that has them all and they can access by clicking an icon that says "Notes - all addresses" or the like.  Otherwise any other way they launch notes they just get their "default" address books.  This has been a real  success for one of my clients as they share many different address books on the server but don't want notes searching through all of them when they are looking to mail to only people from a single NAB. They have multipe icons, one for each address book they might want to mass email from.  

The trick to this is an icon where you set the target path as follows

c:\lotus\notes\notes.exe =h:\notes\notes.ini

where c:\lotus\notes\ is whatever your path to your notes.exe is

and h:\notes\ is the path to the particular ini you want to use.
meciabAuthor Commented:
Thanks for everybody's help
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