Synchronize PDA (Palm) with Lotus Notes

What the best tools to synchronize Lotus with a Palm, and idealy other device (psion, pocket PC...)
Is there interesting free solutions?
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I don't know of any free solutions.  The most well-known is IntelliSync (Puma Technologies).  Lotus has its own products, EasySync, which actually shares some code with IntelliSync.  Pylon was originally written for Notes, so it may have the tightest integration, and some more Notes-specific features.  ExtendedSystems is not as well-known, but has some of teh best technology, at least on the server side.  BlackBerry currently only supports their own devices.

All the above have client-only versions, as well as server solutions.

I believe Puma and Extended Systems are the only companies that support Psion.  BlackBerry is supopsed to be coming out with a new version taht suports other devices (definitely Palm and PocketPC, not sure about Psion, and not sure if it is both lcient and server versions that will support new devices or only server version).

MartinScott also has an e-Mail synchronizer that works with any wireless handheld.
meciabAuthor Commented:
my real problem is with psion and XTND Connect from extended system doesn't support it
I know InSync Pro had a Notes opton in the late 4.x/early 5.x days.  Don't know if it is still supported.

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The best so far I used is the commontime product which is called the cadenza. It got mNotes which synchronizes not only your calendar but your mail as well. Try it and you will love it.
I had a Handspring Visor and now have a Palm Tungsten E. Having worked with Intellisync, EasySync, and mNotes, I can tell you that mNotes has by far the best Notes integration and works well.

With the newer Palm OS 5.2.1 devices, as I write this none of the sync software vendors has implemented sync for the new fields in the latest PalmOne PIM apps.
We purchased several Treo 600 phones which  run on the newer Palm 5.21 software. Our SA used Intellisync on two of the phones, but it wouldn't fully sync Notes. I had an old 2001 version of a defunct software called fonesync pro. The product hasn't been supported for a couple of years now, but it does fully sync Notes 5 calendar, contacts, to do, etc. to the Treo 600. This was about the last version of fonesync produced and was a download. We owned another licensed copy in the form of a CD. It was one decimal of a version older, and will not work. We will need to update to newer Notes software in the future and I'm worried that the fonesync will not continue to work with such updates and we still need a solution for two phones. Does anyone know of a program that works with Notes and the Palm 5.21 software?
meciabAuthor Commented:
We have now tested "two" product XTND Connect PC and Lotus EasySync 4.2.2, which appear to be the same product with just a different logo.
It works, but it is a layer added on M$ Intellisync, so tipical errors of intellisync are added to the possible XTND errors.
I had one sync error, which was resolved only by reinstalling the soft (XTND) on the PC, but except that everything worked fine...
I  use  EasySync Pro 4.2.2 with iNotes. It works fine. However I have had problems syncing my iNotes contact information. Everything else syncs ok, including e-mail, calander, and to-dos. I have a problem logged with Lotus, but they can't seem to figure it out.
There are a lot of products I've tested in our company to sync lotus notes mail/calendar/todo using Palm and Pocket PC. Far most the best I've used is the mNotes by commontime. It is more stable than the recommended sync software of Lotus which is EasySync Pro 4.2.2. What I don't like with EasySync Pro is that older versions doesn't work on R6 and for some reasons, you need to buy another license to upgrade which i think is ridiculous. So far, different version of Lotus Notes still works with mNotes. Thanks to commontime.
I agree with bongie.  We, too, have had a great experience with mNotes from Commontime for both Palm and Pocket PC users.  Commontime support has been both promtp and helpful when needed.
I know this has been answered and accepted already, but I was looking for a similar solution. Actually, I need to keep my Lotus Notes client (connected to a Notes server, obviously), and Outlook (connected to an Exchange server) in sync -- plus keep both calendars in sync with my Palm. (One of the downfalls of contracting, I suppose -- too many email addresses and calendars).

CompanionLink has a product called DoubleLook that keeps my Notes client and Outlook client in sync with each other -- replicating changes in real time between the two (even offline). Since the palm software integrates well with Outlook, my palm is kept up-to-date auto-magically.

Just got blackberries straight out of box, when connecting the blackberry, using with lotus notes R5, a message appears saying the notes.ini file is invalid, but when you browse to the location of the notes.ini file, an application error occurs, and you can go no further.
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