win2k will not finish booting

Hi all,
I've got a laptop running win2k sp4 that has suddenly stopped booting fully. It boots fine until the logon box should pop up but it does't. I've just got a blue screen(not BSOD just the background wallpaper). I can't Ctrl-Alt-Del and run explorer manually so i'm a bit lost.

I've tried repairing the installation but it didn't work. For info the HD is NTFS so i can't even get the data off the disk and re-build.

Any thoughts??
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VinnnnieConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Recovery Disk. Read/Copy Files From XP NTFS Volumes To FAT32/16 Drives

This page has a Folppy disk maker that you can use to read NTFS volumes.
Can you boot in safe mode?
nomispAuthor Commented:
Sorry, forgot to mention i tried that and safe mode with command prompt, last known good and vga. Same thing happens.
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Can You 'Boot with bootlog' and post bootlog here?
Try this: Boot the 2000 CD and when prompted choose recovery console. Login to your windows partitian and type help. There are 2 FIX files. One says FIXMBR, which you don't need, and run the other one. I don't remember what it is specifically for the filename. Now, Run bootcfg /scan and it will scan windows. It going to tell you it statically saved the information but it will only update if you run it again. So reboot the machine with the CD Still in the drive, Run recovery console and then run bootcfg /scan again. That should work. It also works for XP as well.
nomispAuthor Commented:
Vowca - I booted the laptop with boot log but it just hung again so i can't get to the log to paste it!

Vinnnnie - Did as you said but from what i've read bootcfg /scan is an XP command not available in 2k. Have just downloaded the bootdisk and will give that a go to at least recover the files before re-building.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Could be malware/spyware also, we've seen alot of this problem (but our users are able to login, after that it hangs).  Have you run any checks on your harddrive?  is the HD making any strange noises (scraping, "pinging", grinding, etc)?  Have you tried recovery console as vinnnnie suggested?  When you get to the C:\ prompt, type:
chkdsk c: /f /r
to run Checkdisk on the drive, I've seen this problem caused by a failing harddrive.  Is the harddrive access light flashing, off, or on constantly?

It could also be a problem to do with damaged memory (corrupting data in your HD).

Definately, get hold of a HW testing tool and check it.
Thank you! :-)
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