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Is that i can printf something on console using code which should'nt have semicolon,

May be its stupid question,Pls give hints

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I remember seeing this one

hint : if ( ... ) does not need semicolon inside and printf returns something ... Damn. I cant recollect the answer ... will try to punch out a few things
finally got it

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
         switch ( printf ("abc") > 0  )


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Don't actually need the "> 0" since printf returns an integral value.
Cool trivia.

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yeah realized that .... was just fumbling with variations of if () when idea of switch struck ... posted in hurry
Be a fun interview question: In standard C (or standard C++) write the "Hello, World!" program without using a semicolon.

Or: Your computer's semicolon key is non-operative and you've been asked to demonstrate writing the ubiquitous "Helllo, World!" program in C/C++ for the CEO's young daughter. Do what you can to keep your job; no pressure.

chikucoderAuthor Commented:

Suggest me some good kindergarten c school
I guess i have to start from scartch

yeah blc it was interview qts
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