how to configure event viewer to track copying and viewing of jpg,mpg

I have absolut minimal experience in administration on win xp. what id like to do is be able to

a) view what was copied on my computer e.g.
file1.ext as copied to C:\temp

b) and e.g. what movies & jpgs were viewed and at what times

c) what was installed / uninstalled.

thank you
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Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
You would need to use a combination of Auditing and Policy editor to view these settings.  Actually, I don't know that you'd want to enable that much auditing (at least on the whole drive), your audit logs would get huge very fast with the amount of files created and deleted during a user session.

If you're trying to restrict access to files, you'd be better to use NTFS permissions and setup user passwords.

What is your overall goal here?  Monitoring your kid's computer use?  There are 3rd party programs that would be more effective for that.

For auditing look at this article:
HOW TO: Audit User Access of Files, Folders, and Printers in Windows XP;en-us;310399&Product=winxp
This can be done in many ways

One of them is ..
1) If u just want to see the date and time of the file access (jpg and mpgs)
Then Open the "Recent Documents" folder that is placed in d:\(if d: is the drive in which XP is installed)Documents and Settings\abc(where abc is the user name for which u want to check, donot open 'All Users' or 'Administrator')\Recent Documents\ can see the information by just placing ur cursor on the folder or file (that u for which u want to see the time/date) u will see it..easily or right click in the folder and select 'Arrange Icons' > 'By Date'

2) Better  download a Key Logeger and install, that will gice you a detailed log bout 'What is accessed, at what time', what is installedinstalled , or even type!
You can download one at:
and select 'Family Key Logger'

Both will help for sure..
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Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Several options have been suggested...can we please get some feedback?

jxhardingAuthor Commented:
the answers so far
2) If u just want to see the date and time of the file access (jpg and mpgs)
Then Open the "Recent Documents" folder that is placed in d:\(if d: is the drive in which XP is installed)Documents and Settings\abc(where abc is the user name for which u want to check, donot open 'All Users' or 'Administrator')\Recent Documents\ can see the information by just placing ur cursor on the folder or file (that u for which u want to see the time/date) u will see it..easily or right click in the folder and select 'Arrange Icons' > 'By Date'

this one works for the jps and mpgs in my documents directory

im not feeling like installing a keylogger, but i think thats probably a good option though.
but if they were to alt-ctrl-delete and remove the program from memory , they can avoid my plans.

my kid brother is peddling my stuff to his buddies and id like to see what he copied to where, as i think
they have a removable drive they insert, but theres no way i can see this.

thanks so far!
Hi jxharding,
Its good that the solution provided my me helped u!
and i have solution for ur further query also..

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What else you need? THIS WILL SOLVE UR PROB TOO and that all for free..
So i think there is no point to say it no..
More Over .. the 'SET UP.exe' is also as small as 3Mb only..
So its not a big game, isn't it?

Plz Reply, jxharding, what u feel bout it?!!

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This will keep complete track on ur kid bro.
let me tell you, i also used and still using this software for the same purpose too.

So feel relaxed, and try it..
Hope this will solve ur problem!

Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
If you're concerned about your brother accessing your files, why not just restrict access to them using NTFS permissions, and force him to logon to the system with his own user account?  You'll need to enable passwords for all your accounts to do this (so if you're currently using the Welcome Screen, that is still an option as you can require passwords at the welcome screen).

To set these permissions (this is from the XP Help and Support tool on the start menu in the "Security and Privacy" section):
To make your folders private
Open My Computer.
Double-click the drive where Windows is installed (usually drive (C:), unless you have more than one drive on your computer).
If the contents of the drive are hidden, under System Tasks, click Show the contents of this drive.

Double-click the Documents and Settings folder.
Double-click your user folder.
Right-click any folder in your user profile, and then click Properties.
On the Sharing tab, select the Make this folder private so that only I have access to it check box.

To open My Computer, double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop.
This option is only available for folders included in your user profile. Folders in your user profile include My Documents and its subfolders, Desktop, Start Menu, Cookies, and Favorites. If you do not make these folders private, they are available to everyone who uses your computer.
When you make a folder private, all of its subfolders are private as well. For example, when you make My Documents private, you also make My Music and My Pictures private. When you share a folder, you also share all of its subfolders unless you make them private.
You cannot make your folders private if your drive is not formatted as NTFS. For information about converting your drive to NTFS, click Related Topics.

jxhardingAuthor Commented:
thanks everybody for your time and input.!
i am currently making my folder private and stashing all my stuff in there,
but i am trying out spyanytime for trial period
(i feel kinda guilty because i used to look through my dads stuff as well, but
if he hid it better , i wouldnt have been tempted)

thanks everybodY!
Hey jxharding

Now i need ur help. as this was my first case that i have solved + the very first i handled too.. coz i just joined the site yesterday only and came to know there there is some point system, so
are u giving me any points?
where can i check these points?
I cant Open a questio for this ;) hahaheheheh
Thats why if any one gimmi the answer i will be really thanksful to him/her!
Thanks in advance!

jxhardingAuthor Commented:

in your left pane(at top) of the current screen you will see:

Your Status  

click on this notch_ur_head

then you will see
Answer History  (View)  -->  click

hope that sorts it out bud,
but i'll bet any of the other experts who helped me on this question will
rectify my answer quick if its not up to scratch :)
Kyle SchroederEndpoint EngineerCommented:
Nope, that's a perfectly good way to check questions that you've answered.  THe more questions you answer, the more questions you can ask.  If you earn 10,000 "expert points" total, and then maintain 3,000 per month you can qualify for "free premium service" which gives you unlimited question asking points.

Page Editor, Hardware
Thanks jxharding and dogztar for ur help !
Hope to help u again when ever possible..
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