mail aliases

when I create a new email account I use the admintool to create the use, and then pico /etc/aliases to enter in the user info. then I type newaliases.

This is the issue, sometimes this works for me and sometimes the new accounts do not.  That has me stumped.  Also, I noticed that there are three different aliases under /etc          1) aliases   2)   3) aliasese
now..after looking at the different files I notice that there are differences between them.

This is my question?? I use Solaris 9 to manage POP3 accounts. Is this proceedure correct, if yes why does it work sometimes, if not what is the correct method of entering a new or changed account? As far as the aliases go, why three? I was under the impression that running "newalises" would update the database therefore allowing new/changed account to work properly.
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It depands on how you install sendmail, is your in /etc/mail or /etc

an mail aliase can point to a local user account or an external email address.

In normal case, all you need to do is to edit the /etc/aliases  (or /etc/mail/aliases file)
then run:

But if your are using NIS+/NIS, and you have the same aliase defined in NIS+/NIS,
the NIS+/NIS aliase might overwritten the /etc/aliases. just make sure you only define one aliase in on place, eg if you put it in /etc/aliases, you don't need to put it


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dtooth71Author Commented:
sendamail is located in /etc and is the only place that I have been entering the info. then I would run newaliases
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vi /etc/aliases

edit the aliases then


should do the job for you.

In what case, the aliase doesn't work?

If the externel email aliases doesn't work, check you DNS settings.

dtooth71Author Commented:
is vi /etc/aliases the same as using pico /etc/aliase?
I know pico is a text editor (vi is another popular text editor), I never use pico
myself, it should do the job for you.

the file you should edit is /etc/aliases  NOT /etc/aliase ! (missing a "s")
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