limit client connections to two threads

How can I limit connections to a server to two seperate threads(i.e only two clients can connect to the server) Im using the code below to accept connections from a server.

while (true) {

    Socket s = serve.accept();
    Thread t = new ClientThread(s);
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if (clientsConnected > 3)

if (clientsConnected > 2)

and that goes immediately after start of while
I'm still not awake ;-)

>>and that goes immediately after start of while

no it doesn't - it goes after

Socket s = serve.accept();
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Don't forget to decrement clientsConnected when one of the clients closes their connection ;-)
Unless it's two clients *ever* ;-)
Yeah.  I thought of that as I clicked the Submit button ;-)

Since I'm commenting anyway...

>>  I'm still not awake ;-)

I'm guessing it's about 8am where you are (from comments you've made in other questions).  I've noticed a little confusion when you've referred to some of your comments, so I just thought I'd let you know that the timestamps are localisd (eg. I get your last comment here as:  Date: 12/05/2003 02:59PM GMT).  I'm sure you've realised that and I always just look at the minutes, but I just thought I'd mention it ;-)
eire_irelandAuthor Commented:
So if clientsConnected is two, is there a way I can send a message to the third, fourth, etc client trying to connect to the server that the server cant take any more connections?
You could only do that *after* you allowed it to connect
Jim, no - it's actually the middle ofthe afternoon - that 02:59PM GMT is right.

I didn't knwo about the time being localised. I'm sure i've only ever seen PST on my browser here.
Of course, you could give other connecting threads a different program flow, and tell them they can't proceed.

I'm a little mystified by this though, as i thought you were doing 'rock paper scissors'. Can't any number of players play that game consecutively until some arbitrary cut-off point (no pun intended)?
eire_irelandAuthor Commented:
I just want two people(clients) to be able to play the game (its a two player game), If another client trys to connect I want message to be sent to that client informing that no connections can be made to the server at this time. How would I go about coding this?
Conceptually much the same as above

>>if (clientsConnected > 2)

you could then create a new type of client thread

ServerBusyThread that connects, sends the busy message, then disconnects. When both clients have exited, clientsConnected can be reset to zero.

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eire_irelandAuthor Commented:
Ok, ill give that a go, cheers
Think polymorphic - the only difference between ClientThread and ServerBusyThread ought to be in the run method theoretically ;-)
eire_irelandAuthor Commented:
ya, i see that now... its the exact same thread really, just different output
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