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i create a web application in jsp with servlet. i want to open a new window from one of my pages when there is a click on a button. i want to have both windows on my screen : the first one which calls the other and the new one. i may send parameters to the second window and i get results from this window.
is it possible to do that ? if it is, how should i do ?
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You mean that you want the first window to open a second window and then when you type things in to fields on the second window, results are displayed on the first?

No it's not possible.  Each window (browser instance) has to request data from the server, so the server can't "push" information to the window.

I suppose you could do it by getting the page on the second window to auto-refresh, but it's probably not quite what you want (and it's not a very good solution).
srozAuthor Commented:
i have a window with inputs to create PERSON. one of the field(COUNTRY) is a foreign key and i want to put a button to help users. when they click on the button, i open a new window with the list of all countries there are in the database. the list is an array. when then select one line by clicking on it, i want to put the name of the country in my first window and close the second one. i have an aspx model where it's done but i don't manage to translate it into jsp.
I am reading the question differently than jim.  
I think yes, there is a solution, but it is a javascript solution and not JSP."yourSecondPage.jsp?person=john",....................  

Please address jim's  comment and give more info, then we can sort this out.

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It's not straightforward, but I too think it is possible with javascript. have a look at this:
and let us know if you have further enquires.
We're all on the same track now ;-)

I also think the solution you want is probably best done with JavaScript (I understand the capabilities, but not the technicalities).

The other alternative would be to populate a drop down list for the country and just use this instead of a popup.
suggestions was given by a number of members. asker never follow up, then ask for delete with no reason.

I would recommend: points to rrz
srozAuthor Commented:
sorry, i didn't remember this question and i don't know what i did about this. i stopped programming with jsp, now i only do sql. so i'm not sure i can give points.
>so i'm not sure i can give points  
If that is the case, then  Ok  
>- PAQ-ing the question and refunding points
Closed, 200 points refunded.
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