8003 system log error

After setting up a computer running ME on my NT4 network I get a 8003 error in the NT4 system event log: The master browser has received an announcement from the computer SHEILA that believes it is the master browser for the domain on transport NetBT_E190x1.  The master browser is stopping or an election is being forced.  This ME computer can access the internet and is visible from the NT4 server using net view.
The ME machine is using DHCP and can not see the network.
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
hi, it seems your ME and NT4 are configured into different subnets, please check their (especially ME) IP configurations by issue IPCONFIG /ALL command. since your ME is using DHCP, so if the subnet is wrong, the problem should be fxed at DHCP server side. where is your DHCP server? the NT4 is it? hmm, what do you mean for "The ME ... can not see the network"?

hope it helps.
I'm not sure if ME came with builtin security like WIN XP.     But in XP, you can have this trouble if the built in Internet Connection Firewall is active.  Because this feature interferes with the network browsing, the client will attempt to become the Master Browser. Disabling the setting under browser/parameter will block the attempt to become master, but the client will still have difficult seeing and being seen in the workgroup/domain.

There are some other known issues with the 8003 and routers fowarding UDP packets, but I think bbao has it right on!

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JeffsearlesAuthor Commented:
What I mean by ME can not see the network is that the client can't log on.  This is a single segment network.  The client is listed in the net view at the server.  I disabled Master Browser at the client file and printer sharing properties box listed in the installed network components window on the client.  The client is getting a dynamic ip from the router and the subnet mask seems ok, as are the other clients on the network.  The gateway is ok as there is no problem getting on the internet from the client.  I don't know what you mean by "where is the DHCP server".  I don't believe there is a firewall option in ME.

Hope this additional will help.
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If you get an IP address from the router, then your router is your dhcp server.  

In ME go to command prompt and do IPCONFIG /ALL  
On the server, do the same,  IPCONFIG /ALL  

Check to see of both machines are on the same IP subnet (compare IP address, subnet mask, and gateway)    

JeffsearlesAuthor Commented:
The server is (static). subnet mask, gateway, Primary WINS

The client is (DHCP), subnet mask, gateway,  Primary WINS .....
Manually add a primary wins to your ME machine's TCPIP Properties as to match the server.    That might help you out a bit since ME will be able to find a master browser froma WINS query.  

good luck
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
Jeffsearles, the only problematic event is 8003? no others?
Check the NIC settings on the ME machine:
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JeffsearlesAuthor Commented:
To MikeKane, I found that Norton Internet Security was running on this computer.  After removing that program, I am able to log on to the network and all seems to be working.  So, I guess you were right regarding the firewall aspect.  Thanks and thanks to bbao for your suggestions.

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