Access 97 vs VB 6

I've written several applications in Access 97 but am considering switching to VB 6. What are the advantages and disadvantages to this switch? Thanks.
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Access is much easier, especially if you already know it. Are you writing applications for your company or are you distributing to Clients? Why are you thinking about changing, perhaps we can address those reasons specifically for you.

RerodrigAuthor Commented:
Well I'm actually going to get my hands on Visual Studio and I'd like to write to start writing enterprise level applications, albeit simple ones.  I'm starting to use APIs, OO4O to connect to Oracle, COM objects to connect to e-mail and fax servers ... what I'm trying to say is that at this level a lot of documentation is out there for vb but not as much for access vba.  I'd also like increase the number of users that can use an application and also take advantage of some of the multi-threading capabilities in vb.
if you are writing enterprise level apps and will be using COM+ objects you will need to write those objects in VB. You can still use Access (2002 and up) to bind a recordset to a form directly so you could have your COM+ component return an ADO recordset. You may want to consider linking to Oracle via DSN and also use passthrough queries so the work is done by oracle directly in Access. Access has multiple personalities, and I think that it's interface for users (forms) is still much easier to use than VB. That being said I have developed front ends in both Access and VB and apps built in VB are certainly easier to distribute.

Are you looking into .NET at all?

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RerodrigAuthor Commented:
Well ... unfortunately, for company use, VB 6 is as far as I'm going to get for the next year.  At home though, I'd like to start using .NET.  I understand there is a steeper learning curve though- a lot has changed in terms of referencing, declarations, and I hear structure in general.  Are you using .NET already?  Have you developed web applications with ASP?
As Steve says, Access is much easier to connect everything and tie it all together.

Some of the reasons I sometimes wish I was doing my projects in VB are:

1.  Tons of controls aren't available in Access, and the ones that are often have greater limitations than VB controls.  This is especially true in Access 97 compared to Access XP.  I have a plethora of examples :)
2.  You can't make a stand-alone executable in Access.  You are pretty much always stuck in the Access environment.
3.  A front-end in Access is easily in conflict with different versions of Access.  If all your users have the same version, great.. but if anyone is running something different, it can be a tricky proposition.
4.  VB is far more powerful than Access.
5.  Its easier to control database security when you run Access only as a backend instead of frontend and backend.

All that said, Access has tons of automation to make life simple.  I tend to gut out most of the automation, and program from within - in VBA.
.NET is fairly different although I was able to pick up C# fairly easily, I would imagine that VB.NET should not be to difficult. I have written VB 6 COM+ components for business rules and data access to SQL Server for web apps but do not write enough ASP to speak confidently about it. I also am now working for a company that is not using .NET yet and my main focus here is MS Access, VB and WebSphere (unfortunately don't get much time for WebSphere) so I hear you on being stuck with old technology.


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RerodrigAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys this helps a lot.  Plamodo, I'd like to award points to you too but don't know how to accept multiple answers.  Thanks again.
you can post a request in community support to fix this "Split" and for future reference please see for instruction on how to Split points.

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