Netware 5 install

I am trying to install Netware 5. When I get to the IdeATA, it will not load the drivers. I have the latest drivers installed. The error message "The following driver instance failed to load and will be deleted
C:\nwupdate\ideata.ham port=1fo int=E    AT this point the system locks
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OK, when installing a fresh load of NetWare, I always make sure to get the version with the Support Pack Overlay.
Whoops, didn't finish that.

You didn't bother to state if you've got NetWare v5.0 or v5.1. I'm an Expert, not a mindreader, so I'm going to guess that you have the still-supported version, which is v5.1 (v5.0 was EOLed last year and is not supported).

You can download the NetWare v5.1 with Support Pack 6 overlay with this link

I would suggest performing your install using that, to insure that your install media has the latest driver version, patches and updates. If you are using that and still encounter the problem, or you're using NetWare v5.0, then we need to talk some more.
It would also be a good thing to know what the hardware is.  There are several issues that are hardware-specific, which can't be addressed or dismissed without knowing what you are installing NetWare on.   It is very possible that you need to update your system BIOS or flash your IDE controller.

On a side note, I am wondering why you are installing NetWare 5, when the current version is 6.5 and 5 is getting close to end-of-life status.
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v5.0 already IS EOL.
Well, that makes sense, since it was released in 1998, and we are nearing the end of 2003.

Why is it that you don't see posts about people trying to install WinNT 4.0 and having driver issues?  Maybe because nobody tries to install WinNT 4.0 any more?  
Some things to think about:

If you are installing Netware on an IDE HDD based server and also have an IDE CD-ROM, ensure that your workstation (sorry, anything with IDE hard drives falls into "workstation" class in my mind) has been updated to the latetst BIOS from the manufacturer.

C:\nwupdate\ideata.ham port=1fo int=E indicates that Netware is looking for your HDD as the primary device on your IDE bus. Check the connections to ensure that the HDD is set for cable select and attached correctly or jumped to be the master on your bus.

If the IDE hard drive is not essential to the install (i.e. you have SCSI hard drives), try removing IDEATA from the list of drivers that load and then load it from the server console once it has booted.

Hope these help

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Also make sure that you don't have any CDROM drivers in your dos config.sys and autoexec.bat.
LarryMBAuthor Commented:
I am installing netware version5 on a MSI K8T master2-far opteron base M/B with aan 80 gig WD drive
I can load the drivers manually thru NWConfig
Have you tried doing a troubleshooting-type startup without anything loading but the base OS, and stepping through from there?

At the C:\NWSERVER prompt, start the server using "SERVER -NS -NA -NL" and pay close attention to what happens on the screen.  Watch for any errors.  The -NL forces the server to come up without the logo screen, so you can see what is happening from the beginning.

After that, execute STARTUP.NCF from C:\NWSERVER.  See if the drivers load.  If they do, go on to the loadstages.  If the drivers don't all load cleanly at that point, that will help you pinpoint your problem.  You may have an issue with how things are laid out in your STARTUP.NCF.

I think it's DSPoole that said he likes to have his CDM's listed before his HAM's so there aren't any issues with a HAM not finding its CDM.

One other thing I noticed, and this may have been a miskey in your post, but you say your system locks after attempting to load "C:\nwupdate\ideata.ham port=1fo int=E" - it should be 1F0 as in one-eff-zero, not 1fo as in one-eff-oh.  If you have a letter "o" in your load line in your STARTUP.NCF, that is probably your problem.

Another thing you should do is boot into your system BIOS config and make sure that your IDE controller is enabled on both primary and secondary, and pop the hood and make sure the HDD is on the primary.

LarryMBAuthor Commented:
It is 1F0
This is a new unit, so , it is still open. I originally tried to load this on 37G Serial drives, of course VIA does not have a driver for Netware 5, so I went with a WD 80 gig. I have quit for the nite and will return to the shop tommorrow and try all your suggestions. I want to thank all of you , you have been very helpful. If my customer would get off his wallet and get the latest version, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation. Thanks again
LarryMB,  what part of waybadmojo's comment was the fix to your problem?  Was it the cable-select or the BIOS update?

If it was the BIOS update, I suggested that first.  If it was the cable-select on the HDD, cool.  At any rate, it is beneficial when you have a multi-suggestion comment that you accept as answer, to indicate in a comment what the fix was, so the next person reading this PAQ has a clear answer to try first.

Thanks.  Glad it's working.
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