Performance vs. Terminal Services

We have an application where the runtime sits on one of our servers and we run it from each workstation through a shortcut to that runtime.  When we run the app this way it is extremely slow.   At other locations we run the app this way and the performance is fine.   Because of this problem we have set up Terminal Services and when we log in to TS and run the runtime from the server the performance is extremely better.

My question is what could cause this type of difference in performance.  Both methods have to exchange data over the network.  One might say that it is because the server can process things faster than a local workstation.  But the server is a Pentium III 1.1Ghz whereas some of the workstations are Pentium IV 2.2Ghz.


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Sounds like the server that you are running the runtime through has a performance problem.  Use the performance monitor to determine if you have too few resources on the server to give you adequate performance.  Things like disk queue length, memory paging or network interface stats may be what's bogging yo down.  It may even be as simple as disk fragmentation.
dovcampAuthor Commented:
But if that were the case, why would going in to that same server through TS work?
OK, I didn't understand that you set up TS on the same server.  Through TS the app is run from the server and not the client workstation.  You may have a problem with network traffic when running client/server, since the app is run by the client.  Since TS runs a thin client it is less likely to be affected by network traffic.  Also since the app would run directly on the server there is no I/O going to the client except screen loads.    

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dovcampAuthor Commented:
What's the best way to analyze the network traffic?

Use the performance monitor.  It's listed in the Administrative Tools menu.  You may also want to check into some kind of other tool like a sniffer that can give you a better break down of what's going on like collisions, dropped packets, etc.  But that'll cost you $

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dovcampAuthor Commented:
Ok, I used the performance monitor and measured the Network interface on the server.  What I found was that when I was using the application directly (not through TS) the Y access would go up to 100.  When I used the same application through TS it was much lower (Like between 0 and 4).  Does this tell me anything?
dovcampAuthor Commented:
To me it seems that it is not other traffic on the network that is creating the problem, but rather this app when run directly is causing increased network traffic and slowing itself down.
So, what's the fix here.  Get a faster network, stay with TS, or maybe move the executable to the local workstation?  
dovcampAuthor Commented:
I can't move the executable to a local workstation because of how the program is set up.
Staying with TS is not great because there are certain functions we can't do with TS, plus it's an administrative nightmare.
I don't think it's a problem with the network not being fast enough.  It seems that for some reason this program is causing hi network utilization.  Are there any settings that can be adjusted when running an executable that might cut down on this?
You may want to go to the application provider and contact their product support.  If anyone is going to be able to tell you how to use the app in the most efficient manner, it should be them.
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