Detect IP number change

Hi Experts,

Is there a way to detect if windows change its IP addrerss ??

ipconfig /relaese
ipconfig /renew

If the IP address is obtained from a DHCP server the server may deliver a different address. How do i detect if this happen ??

Something like this : procedure WmSettingChange(var Msg : TWmSettingChange); message WM_SETTINGCHANGE; ??

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Just check every minute or so. If the number is different from last time, then it's changed.

Here's some code to get the list of IP addresses for your machine (you may have more than one):

procedure GetIPs(s : TStrings);
      TaPInAddr = Array[0..10] of PInAddr;
      PaPInAddr = ^TaPInAddr;
      phe : PHostEnt;
      pptr : PaPInAddr;
      Buffer : Array[0..63] of Char;
      i : Integer;
      GInitData : TWSAData;
      WSAStartup($101, GInitData);
      GetHostName(Buffer, SizeOf(Buffer));
      phe := GetHostByName(buffer);
      if phe <> nil then begin
            pPtr := PaPInAddr(phe^.h_addr_list);
            I := 0;
            while pPtr^[I] <> nil do

Geoff M.

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PeterLarsenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment.
There must be a better way to do this.

btw. Do you know how to get the DNS entrys ?

Kind Regards
That's the method I use in some of my utilities.  Granted I didn't search every inch of the internet, but all the sources I found indicated that it was the only way to do it.
Don't know how to get the DNS servers. Try asking that question in a new thread.

Geoff M.
PeterLarsenAuthor Commented:
I dont have time to search the entire net, so i will simply poll for changes - as suggested by Geoff. :-)

About DNS lookup - i have tried that but with no success (there are no simple answer to that) :-(

Kind Regards
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