Extracting XY coordinates to Text Field

Hello all,

I am kinda stuck here since I am not a master at javascript. What I'm trying to do is create a map that allows you to drag & drop the dot anywhere on the image. When the dot is dropped the XY coordinates need to appear in two text fields for that position (where the dot was dropped).

Here is a simple script that allows you to drag objects around on top of a background. Somewhat Similiar to my idea, except the background image should not be moveable and the objects should not be allowed to leave the background's boundaries. Basically, I just need an add-on to this script that will extract the XY coordinates to 2 text fields (x,y) when the object is dropped.

Any advice, web sources, guides, tutorials or any help at all will be greatly appreciated!!!


<HEAD><TITLE>Not-So Super Brain Teaser</TITLE>
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
      var curElement;
      function doMouseMove() {
        var newleft=0, newTop = 0
        if ((event.button==1) && (curElement!=null)) {
          // position alien
          if (newleft<0) newleft=0
          curElement.style.pixelLeft= newleft
          newtop=event.clientY -document.all.OuterDiv.offsetTop-(curElement.offsetHeight/2)
          if (newtop<0) newtop=0
          curElement.style.pixelTop= newtop
          event.returnValue = false
          event.cancelBubble = true

      function doDragStart() {
        // Don't do default drag operation.
        if ("IMG"==event.srcElement.tagName)

      function doMouseDown() {
        if ((event.button==1) && (event.srcElement.tagName=="IMG"))
          curElement = event.srcElement

      document.ondragstart = doDragStart;
      document.onmousedown = doMouseDown;
      document.onmousemove = doMouseMove;
      document.onmouseup = new Function("curElement=null")
    <SCRIPT FOR="playboard" EVENT="onmousedown" LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
      // Do not move the alienhead or allow it to be dragged


  <DIV id=OuterDiv style="position:relative;width:100%;height:400px">
  <img ID="stage" STYLE="position:absolute;TOP:83pt;LEFT:142pt;width: 300px; height=150px; Z-INDEX:2;"  src="/images/stage.gif">
  <img ID="square" STYLE="position:absolute;TOP:8pt;LEFT:0pt;WIDTH:50pt;HEIGHT:50pt;Z-INDEX:22;" src="/images/square.gif">
  <img ID="circle" STYLE="position:absolute;TOP:8pt;LEFT:70pt;WIDTH:50pt;HEIGHT:50pt;Z-INDEX:21;" src="/images/circle.gif">
  <img ID="triangle" STYLE="position:absolute;TOP:8pt;LEFT:140pt;WIDTH:50pt;HEIGHT:50pt;Z-INDEX:21;" src="/images/triangle.gif">


Again, thank you very much for any help!
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This is not my area of specialty, but can't you extract the values like:

intLeft = document.getElementByID("yourDot").left;
intTop = document.getElementByID("yourDot").top;

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Sorry there were some errors there. Take a look at this:

<META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0">
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

function getLocation(objElement){

intLeft =document.getElementById(objElement).offsetLeft;
intTop = document.getElementById(objElement).offsetTop;
alert(intLeft + " : " + intTop)

<body onload="getLocation('test')">

<div id="test">
This is my test div





Fritz the Blank
So whatever code you use to move your dot, you could append code like that above and set the value of your fields like so:

function fillTextBoxes(objYourObject){
   document.getElementById('txtLeftCoordinate').value = document.getElementById(objYourObject).offsetLeft;
   document.getElementById('txtTopCoordinate').value  = document.getElementById(objYourObject).offsetTop;


where the id of your text fields are 'txtLeftCoordinate' and 'txtTopCoordinate'

Fritz the Blank
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Glad to have helped. Any reason for the B?

Fritz the Blank
thaistixxxAuthor Commented:
Hey fritz_the_blank,

Thanks a lot for your help! Although your answer did not have the exact code I needed to use, it gave me valuable insight that lead me to what I needed. It was actually easier than I thought. Something is actually working for a change YA! Hehe, thanks again.

Fair enough, I just would have appreciated the opportunity to help you until you were completely satisfied.

Good luck with your project,

Fritz the Blank
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