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I need to implement a dynamic search on a table. I need a kind of search that you write in an Edit and the results are filtered below while typing (ie. in a dbgrid). Like in the  Windows help.
I tried filtering an IBTable but it's very slow.
Can you suggest me a more efficent way to do this?

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Hi ahll,

In you exmple (withIBTable), replace it with TkbmMemTable (free).
It all same as TTable but works much faster. Since you already implemented filter with IBTable this should take no time.


ahllAuthor Commented:
thanks, I solved it allready.
The problem was that I made Filtered property to false to change the filter and then I opened again.
Now, I just change the filter and it takes no time.

thanks all anyway

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Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:

  Try using IBQuery with Sql statments, use TQuery is more effeicent than the TTable specially when you useing Client/Server Databases

for example your code will be like this

 OnEditChange event
IBQuery1.Sql.Text := 'Select * from Mytable where Name like ''' + Edit1.text + '%''';

I wrote the code from my head so may it's require some modifiying because I don't use IBX components and Interbase :-)

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ahllAuthor Commented:
Now that I solved my problem by myself, can I recover my points again?


thanks in advance
Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
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