need help with DHCP and netGear router

hey all, i need help setting up a net gear router, I have a t1 line coming in and i was putting the netgear router in and the the router to a switch so that way anyone who wanted to go to DHCP on the switch would be allowed to. for some reason DHCP isn't working. Only people who have IP's can connect to the net. Everyone else can't. Please help.

T1 > netGear mr314 > switch.

thanx all
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You probably have the DHCP options disabled or restricted.
engineroomAuthor Commented:
no, they're not
How was the tcp/ip addressing on the workstations done before your installed the NetGear?
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first I am assuming you have a regular router too. and netgears wan port is connected to the real router because netgear CAN'T route public IPs nor its dhcp server's default gateway can be edited.(fr114 can't)
the dhcp clients will pull 192.168.x.x ip from netgear make sure you have the dns ip in the dhcp settings page.
engineroomAuthor Commented:

first we had part of a t1 from some guy in the building, and that was going to the router and then to the switch

guy > router > switch > us

through the patch panel we connected directly to the switch and we all had dynamic ip's. It worked fine. When we brought the Full T into the picture, for some reason connecting the same way to the router didn't work.

- Yakcora

yes we do have the router.

t1 > cisco router > netGear > switch.

if you read above, you'll see that we were once pulling the 192 #'s, but now it's not working. :(

thanx all for responding, please get back to me soon. sorry i took so long, but i'm in NY and the blizzard here made me leave early.

>DHCP on the switch
Where WAS your dhcp server in the guy>router>switch scenario?
engineroomAuthor Commented:
guy > netGear(DHCP) > switch

that made anyone who connected to the switch capable of DHCP
ok, I'm having trouble following you.

Assuming you want your DHCP to be handled by the netgear:

Whatever you were using for DHCP before should be turned off, disabled or unplugged.

The netgear should have LAN DHCP enabled. There is a configuration for both LAN and WAN dhcp, the first handles the addresses for the inside clients and the second isn't an issue here.

The clients should have be set to get an address automatically and have no DNS servers, gateways or other parameters in the TCP/IP setup set explicitly. If you had clients with hard coded IP addresses the range of addresses set in the DHCP server should not overlap them. If you suspect you may have had a device or workstation with the gateway's address set you'll have to track it down. DHCP would work as it's a broadcast but if there's a duplicate of the gateway address you'll be dead in the water.

Once you've done that, release and renew the DHCP address and see what happens.
engineroomAuthor Commented:
Yes sir, i want the DHCP handled by the netGear. It does have a LAN and DHCP setting. I did have everything set up the way you specify but it did not function, that's why i am posting. I will double check and try to get it working.

One thing though, when i was setting up DHCP i was setting up the lan with the ip address, like so:

LAN Gateway:
LAN Subnet:

It was asking for either the Gateway(like i demonstrate above) or the IP address... now on the same page was the options for DHCP Server, i checked the box to enable it and it was saying something to the fact of DHCP IP numbers are out of range. It was a regular  count 254

what's going on? so remember, my netgear i have set up as going before the switch.

ciscoRouter > netGear(DHCP) > switch

thanx chicagoan
> thanx all for responding, please get back to me soon. sorry i took so long,
> but i'm in NY and the blizzard here made me leave early.

8 inches was a very small blizzard.  Though my car still awaits digging out :)

I sounds as if you had the same NetGear router working before and now it does not, correct?  That out of bounds message sounds suspicious.  Can you post the full text of the admin page?
the dhcp range has to start at
you can't include the router's address in the addresses DHCP hands out
engineroomAuthor Commented:
question guys,

can i have the netGear router serve DHCP and then if i wanted a machine to have a static IP behind that, is that possible?

                               /     |     \
                             /       |        \
                           /         |            \
                   192...2     192...3


Yes, set your DHCP range to say - and assign you statics above that or if the firmware has a facility to assign static addresses, you can specify them i the router's dhcp setup.
They must be in the same subnet unless you have another router.
engineroomAuthor Commented:
you're saying to have dhcp range to say 192.168-...   but would it matter for the static ip's since they're not 192 numbers?   why can't i assign it to go 192.... - 192.254?  

my networks subnet is

engineroomAuthor Commented:
also, i have to assign the switch a dynamic IP correct?
no, the switch management port (if any)  should be static
what kind of switch?
engineroomAuthor Commented:
i have a netgear switch.
and an smc tigerswitch

okay, this is how i have it set up

netGear(DHCP) > Switch(dynamicIP)? > client Machine (dynamicIP/StaticIP)

none of the client machines have connectivity

man, this is frustrating

i appreciate your patience..!!

right now i'm just using the tiger switch, but soon i'll bring in the netgear switch.

THe address of the switch is not related to connectivity, it's only there for management purposes.
Does your netgear to switch connection require a straight thru or crossover cable?

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engineroomAuthor Commented:
okay, got it. For some reason, the netgear required me to through the wizard to provide the WAN number, it wasn't out there for me to grab. so once i did that, everything was good to go, thanx chicago!
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