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In Windows Explorer, whenever I create a new folder under C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\ or any of its subfolders, it chooses a certain default icon (IconFile=%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll, IconIndex=19).  I want the default to be the same as it is in all other folders: IconFile=%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll, IconIndex=3.

Right now, after creating a new subfolder, I have to go to the new folder's Properties, Customize, Folder Icons, Change Icon, and choose the icon I want.  This creates a file Desktop.ini in that folder.  I don't like the extra file it creates, but more importantly I don't like having to manually change this everytime I add a new program.

I've also noticed that changing the folder icon in Windows Explorer does not induce the same change in the folder icon when I click on Start Menu (in the taskbar) and choose All Programs, so apparently that Start Menu is not controlled by the same settings as the Windows Explorer folder of the same name.

So, how do I accomplish this?  Are there registry keys to edit?  Are there "super hidden" .ini files?  (I already have Folder Options set to show hidden files and folders.)  And how do I accomplish this change in both Start Menus (explorer and taskbar)?
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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after searching for the whole two days i have only found this link :(
might be helpful for u:
or u can use this utility but it is not free :)


it contains a feature called System Icons (screenshot: )
which can change thedefault icons for windows applications, im not sure that will it work for Documents & Settings>All Users>Start Menu folders, as i have not tried it, but u can :)

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evilwinAuthor Commented:
The link refers to an icon editing program (Microangelo), and how to create blank icons;  I just want to change my default folder icon in Start Menu.

I checked out the evaluation version of Magic Tweak.  It's a neat program with lots of options, but not the one I'm looking for.

Well, thanks for trying.  It looks like I might just have to settle for the default icon already chosen, although I know there is registry or .ini file switch somewhere.  Aughh!!
ye i know that the steps were to create blank icons, but it is not neccessary that we will chooz a balnk icon for the folder, when u click browse button to chooz the balnk.ico, don;t chooz this blank icon, goto C:\Windows\System32\shell32.dll,
it will give a lot of icons, chooz any icon of ur choice, and hit OK.
evilwinAuthor Commented:
Have you successfully done what I'm trying to do with the method you've prescribed?  I downloaded the trial version of Microangelo, and I've tried following your directions and the directions on the link you provided, but they do not mesh with what I see on my monitor.  For example, the link you provide refers to the Microangelo Engineer, which I've been unable to locate.  The program comes with Animator, Explorer, Librarian, and Studio, as well as a utility called On Display, but no Engineer.

Also, the program seems to be an icon locator and editor, which also gives the option to change individual icons.  As I stated before, I can do that by going to Properties, Customize, Folder Icons, Change Icon.

When I say I'm trying to change the default icon, I don't mean "default" in the sense of the icon Win XP has assigned to files and subfolders of the Start Menu which were created when the OS was installed, but rather in the sense of the folder icon which will be chosen when new subfolders are added or new applications are installed.  For example, when I go to My Documents, right click, and select New Folder, a new folder is created with icon (IconFile=%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll, IconIndex=3), but when I do this same process in the Start Menu, the new folder is created with icon (IconFile=%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll, IconIndex=19).  That is the behavior I want to change.
evilwinAuthor Commented:
If nobody has anymore ideas, I will post a request that this question be closed and my points refunded.  But thanks for your input SheharyaarSaahil.
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