CAN YOU NAT on a CISCO 3550 switch using a VLAN Interface?

I am configuring a cisco 3550 switch with several vlans for my network. I would like to nat 1 of the fa ports to a different subnet since that port will host a connection to a trusted trading partner. Since that trading partner has the same subnet addressing scheme as I do, I need to nat to a different address group. I don't want to re-address my internal hosts so I am back to natting. Is this possible or do I have to insert a router in between?

My plan was to set up a vlan with and assign it to the interface that will be servicing the connection and then set up natting on that VLAN interface with several static nats.
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NAT is listed as unsupported in the 3550 documentation:

And the NAT support matrix
Catalyst 3550   Not currently supported.

Perhaps a firewall instead of a router? Little PIX 506e or something?

ljucasAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that was what I was afraid the answer would be since the nat commands were not being accepted on the switch. Interesting that Cisco Level 3 support is telling me that it is supported, even after I pressed him to be sure.

Thanks for your insight!
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