Spam Blocking & Anti Virus Recommendations for Exchange2000

new exchange 2000 server
need some recommendations on spam blocking and anti virus protection.
There are so  many options.
Please comment, only if you have experience with the products.

I am looking for
#1    effective
#2    easy to configure
#3    easy to install
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How many Exchange Servers/mailboxes will be in your Exchange 2000 Organisation? How many of the users will be sending and receiving Internet Mail?

I have a customer that only has 125 Mailboxes in their Exchange Site, one of the solutions that I am about to describe below blocks over 20,000 Spam Mails for their domain a month!!!

Option 1

1. Run a Server in front of Exchange which handles the sending and receiving of SMTP Mails from your ISP/Internet. Clearswift Mailsweeper Anti-Spam Edition is a fully fledged Mail Relay and Content Filtering product.

This product blocks between 95 to 99% the spam Mails to our customers domains. You can also install Sophos or Mcafee Virus scan on the Server which will scan all the mails for Viruses. You can configure Policies in Mailsweeper which send a mail to your users whenever a Mail is blocked with a virus or as spam. The Mails can be held in a quarantine for as long as you choose, and if a mail is incorrectly blocked as spam you can forward it on. You also have the option to create a public folder in Exchange and then forward a copy of all blocked spam to the folder, which could then be released by a local admin.

Mailsweeper is a superb tool, check out the discussion forum on the Mailsweeper website to get an idea of how people have implemented it in production.

Option 2

Install a Front End Exchange 2000 Server and use it as your Mail Relay. I recommend using Sybari Antigen with the Anti-Spam Module.


Sybari offers virus scanning with up to four anti-virus engines simultaneously. The antispam features included the ability to configure connections to RBL list providers, and alsos comes with an excellent anti-spam filter which can be automatically updated (firewall policies permitting) from their website. Sybari Antigen is far easier to setup than Mailsweeper, and is also a superb product.

Both are not cheap, but you really do get what you pay for with these products. The best solution is to use Mailsweeper as your Mail Relay and for Spam Filtering, and to install Antigen on every Exchange Server or at least on your Bridgehead Servers. If you use this option then you will not need to buy the Antigen Spam module just the basic Antigen which comes with the option of four Virus Engines.
Hi.  For our organization, we have a seperate linux server that sits in front of exchange that runs postfix, spamassain, and amavis.  IMHO, this is a great solution because it just works.

Ejay Hire at Hotmail dot com
rumblefingersAuthor Commented:
only 20 mailboxes
another server would not be practicle
I overlooked "cost" in the original question.
Under $1000 ?
SteveIT ManagerCommented:
One of our exchange servers has 35 mailboxes and we run Panda Antivirus -

It comes with lifetime daily updates for the cost and is very easy to install/configure.

It also allows you to setup attachment filtering with spam filtering promised in the next release.

Add to that you get an easy to use GUI and workstation modules for all versions of windows and linux. Although it may not be as effective or robust as EjayHire's linux server but it does do the trick.

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