Domain Prompt for Outlook 2000 Connecting to Exchange Server

I currently am using a hosted Exchange service and at some point, my consultant managed to get rid of the prompt that asks for username, domain, and pw.
However, this box has recently come back up and I can seem to get it to go away.

I remember the consultant doing something similar to this from MS:;en-us;201608

I have tried this trick w/ logon network security set to 'NT Password Authentication' and 'None' -However, it doesn't work for me.

BTW, this is Outlook 2000 installed in Windows XP Pro.
Offline outlook use has been enabled.
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Anne TroyEast Coast ManagerCommented:

You said:

>>and I can seem to get it to go away.

Did you mean:

>>and I can NOT seem to get it to go away.

Are you being prompted for Windows password or Outlook password?
chottoedAuthor Commented:
Oops, typo, yes I mean I CAN NOT make it go away.

And yes it's the Outlook 2000 prompt for user/domain/password.
looks like RPC binding issue.
check this article from has step by step how to resolve this.
and this too.
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chottoedAuthor Commented:
I've tried all that and it still comes up.  Any other ideas?
How do you read your mailbox at ISP? POP3, IMAP or MAPI
If you use IMAP or POP, the authentication (username, password) is kept in OL settings in Emails Accounts (there is a tick for Remember my password)
the username to provide should be:
Windows Authentication
      the authentication is integrated in Windows: the stored value you used to connect to your Windows domain when you started a session on your PC (login) is sent to the exchange server

chottoedAuthor Commented:
This is a hosted Exchange 5.5 server, so I'm guessing MAPI

I read on MS Knowledge Base that there's a registry key that holds authentication info.  However, it did not say which key it was.  It specified the path which lead to the domain and username keys.  There's no 3rd key which I'm assuming holds the PW and I can't find any info on what that key is called.
chottoedAuthor Commented:
Again, this is not POP email.
Try this:
Rclick Outlook icon/properties. MAKE SURE microsoft exch server is highlighted then click the properties button. click the 'advanced tab'. in the "logon network security" box, select "NT Password Authentication".  

here the key is making sure "microsoft exch server is highlighted".
also try this registry changes.

Two registry changes can be made to the system (for binding order and for saving the NT userid and domain during authentication):
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Exchange Provider] "Rpc_Binding_Order"="ncacn_ip_tcp,ncacn_np"
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Exchange] "LogonDomain"="UMR-USERS" "UserName"=""

chottoedAuthor Commented:
I've already tried those in the past but to no avail.
Reading mail from an EX server does not imply you use MAPI
What is your configuration?
Corporate Workgroup or Internet Mail Only
Do you have tools/Services or Tools/Accounts
chottoedAuthor Commented:
Chottoed i think u should call ur isp and figure out what kind of outlook connection u are making to ur exchange.In order for u to make a mapi connection to ur exchange server(over internet) it requires ur isp to open certain ports that will make their firewall useless(but in this business i have seen it all)
also this feature never really worked in 2000 and specially in 5.5 and that is why microsoft came up with the idea of rpc over http which only works with exchange 2003 and XP.
Also when u connect to ur isp do u at all authenticate?
chottoedAuthor Commented:
I authenticate, but the problem is that even though OL retains the domain and username, it never retains the pw which I would like to fix.
Would I be correct to assume that if I'm using corporate/workgroup settings that I am in fact using MAPI?
PAQed - no points refunded (of 500)

Thanks very much!
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