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C string manipulation

I am trying to extract a substring from a C string(character array).  Specifically, I am trying to extract the substring up to the first delimiter '|'.
Example: if i have the string 'abcd| efg'
I want to get the C string 'abcd' and return it.
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sunnycoderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
char * string = "abcd| efg";
char buffer[10];

temp = strchr ( string, '|' );
strncpy ( buffer, string, temp - string );
buffer[temp - string] = 0;

now buffer has the required string
another alternative is to use strtok

temp = strtok ( string, "|" );
return temp;

beware, strtok will modify your original string unlike strchr
aomegaAuthor Commented:
The 5th line : strncpy ( buffer, string, temp - string ) has temp-string as the third parameter.  I am not familiar with subtracting character arrays. What exactly does this accomplish?  thanks.
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it is not subtracting arrays but pointer .. pointers are nothing but addresses (numbers)

string starts at 1000

a  1000
b  1001
c   1002
d  1003
|   1004
e  1005
f   1006
g  1007

after strchr string = 1000 and temp = 1004
1004 - 1000 = 4 .. so it will copy 4 chars
aomegaAuthor Commented:
thanks for the explanation.
I have pretty much the same as your first example except char *string being passed as a parameter to the function.

char *getKey(char *line){
static char buffer[1000];
char *temp;

temp = strchr(line, '|');
strncpy(buffer, line, temp-line);
buffer[temp-line] = '\0';

I am gettting a segfault at the line strncpy.  I am not quite sure why that is in this case.
runs perfectly
... the segfault may be at some other line ... also you are not performing any error checking ... what if strchr returns NULL ?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

char * getkey ( char * a )
        static char buffer[100];

        char * temp;

        temp = strchr (a, '|' );

        strncpy ( buffer, a, temp - a );

        buffer [ temp - a ] = 0;

        return buffer;

int main ()
        char * a = "abcd|efg";

        char * t;

        t = getkey ( a );

        printf ( "%s\n", t );
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