problem with my mail account.

Hi all,

         I have an account on a solaris server. At the promt I get the message " you have new mail", but when i actually open the mailbox  ( solaris CDE) it is empty, even though it shows that i have a mail.
I think, the new mails are being automatically deleted. How can I reconfigure so that I will be able to see my e-mails.

I have Mail and nsmail folders. Each time I say "ls -l" it shows me total 0, even at the promt of new mail. I do have administrator provelliges on this server.

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how do you "open mailbox"?
mantramAuthor Commented:
I open my mailbox from the Common Desktop Environment, i,e by clicking on the mailbox icon
sounds like your environment variable MAIL is set impropper.
Please check in a shell:
  echo $MAIL
  ls -l $MAIL

Hopefully mailx shows you you mail. otherwise check with:
  ls -l /var/spool/mail
  ls -l /var/mail
if a file exists with your user name

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just type mail on the prompt and you get to read your email once. then dtmail should work.
> .. ust type mail on the prompt and you get to read your email once.
.. if everything is setup propper, which seems not to be here ..
mantramAuthor Commented:
1) echo $MAIL shows me /var/mail//mantram (observe the //mantram, is it correct?)

2) and ls -l $MAIL shows me the permissions as

-rw-rw----   1 mantram  mail         318 Oct 11 19:42 /var/mail//mantram

3) and also ls -l /var/mail shows the above permissions

4) And when i say mail actually i am able to read the contents of it.
All it says is

This is a System message.

I think this is the reason why the mail is getting deleted immediately, without allowung me to  see it.

How to change these seetings/configuration so that my mail wont be deleted.

1) ..3) is ok
4) is ok too, but I assume that you're mis-understanding what you read
   the text you see (starting at: Delete ...) is the mail itself
   Solaris' mail command is usually configured to delete all read mails automatically, is this what you're
   wondering about?

try to use mailx instead.
Then also read man pages for mail and mailx.

Anyway, 1) .. 3) proofs that you account is setup propper (means the shell is setup proper for $MAIL).
Now you need to check the properties of your mail icon in CDE
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