STC Virus

I recently got some software called "Second Thought" or something.  I'm not sure because I deleted everything.  I went to Regedit and removed all of the stuff.  Basically, my antivirus program, PC-Cillin, identified it as STC, a virus.  Then, it quarantined it and I removed it.  However, my PC is now acting weird.  PC-Cillin's web trap thing keeps popping up and I am still told I have the virus.  It's been a bit less than an hour.  I did nothing to cause this.  How do I get rid of this thing?

Thank you,
Radomir Jordanovic
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Double Check for viruses
Online Scanners

 Norton Web Services  
Go to this page and click on Scan for Viruses

It needs to download a few file so as to activate the scan so you may see a message like this.

"The Scan for Viruses uses an ActiveX program to scan your computer. The download is approximately 1.5MB and can take about 10 minutes over a 28.8 modem.

The scan can take more than 20 minutes depending on the speed of your computer and the number of files that you have. Please do not browse away from this page unless you intend to abort the scan.
Downloading Scan for Viruses controls. Please wait...
During the download, you might see one or more messages asking if it is OK to download and run these programs. Click Yes when these messages appear.
Note: Scan for Viruses does not scan compressed files"

 Trend Micro HouseCall
"Trend Micro's free online virus scanner
In order to better serve our customers, we ask HouseCall users to register before scanning their computer.  By registering, you will receive virus alerts from our team of Virus Doctors. You will be able to unsubscribe when you receive your first email. You can also scan without registering"

eTrust Online antivirus scanner

PC Pitstop Virus Scan
Our free Web-based virus scan uses Panda Software's award-winning technology and virus list. We're checking against the "wildlist," the roughly 200 viruses that are most prevalent in the world in a given month

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Hi radomirthegreat,

STC is an adware ... get ad-aware from and run a full system scan

some instructions for manual removal are here
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u try running adware/spyware.
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
I have Ad Aware, and PC-Cillin has identified 6 viruses.  They're all pretty much that horrible STC thing.  By the way, I deleted STClient from the registry.  Is that all right?
yes... you need to kill a few running tasks ...

run a minimal set of services .. shut down everything that you do not need ...
next open task manager and kill tasks mentioned above ...
run a full system scan of ad-aware and antivirus
Also double check for viruses using one preferrably two of those online scanners I listed.
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  I'll see what I can do.  Isn't, however, the threat over?  The files have been quarantined and removed?  The PC is back to normal.  I even put it on "lockdown" (PC-Cillin feature) during the scan.  I think it should be all right now.  I take extra precautions not to run any weird programs on my PC, like Kazaa Media Desktop and such.  I don't think I'd ever allow anything to happen to my great PC.  I'll soon get DiskKeeper 8.0 to keep up this great speed.  Could you warn me about any problems I'll soon face?

By the way, thanks for the extremely fast responses!
> I take extra precautions not to run any weird programs
Is always a good idea...

You need to remove the quarantined files from your system ... even though they are not a threat but better safe than sorry...
If you have already performed removal and all steps mentioned above, you are in all probabilities safe
Keep running all the utilities listed in this question until it they all come up clean.

Don't let sites download anything you are not sure of. You should get a prompt when a sited wants to install something on your machine. Only click yes if you absolutely sure of what it is the site is wanting to download.

Make sure you have your virus scanner set to scan your incoming and outgoing mail. Always have your virus scanner to auto protect. This will catch almost all viruses before they have a chance to implant themselves on your machine.

Keep you virus scanner definitiions up to date.
Also plan to use personal firewall also so that no one dare to intrude on your system. if u already have firewall then ignore this suggestion.
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
I never download anything from sites.  I ran that eTrust Online program and I came up with two Temporary Internet files.  All of my temporary files are now gone!  I'll keep running the programs and see what happens.
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
I no longer have STC.  My PC is back up and running as usual.  Thank you all very much.
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