Windows setup - install additional driver (f6) does not recognize anything in the floppy

I'm trying to install windows xp in a maxtor sata drive.. of course i need to use f6 in setup to install the sata drivers..  so I made a floppy with appropriate files (at least i think appropriate) and tried to use f6 during installation... then prompted to enter floppy and hit enter... then the floppy gets accessed, however windows setup still asks to hit enter (never recognizes and never loads drivers from the floppy)..

note: i reformatted the floppy before coping files
file list on floppy: TXTSETUP.OEM  iaStor.sys  iaStor.inf

specs: windows xp pro, gigabyte-8knxp motherboard, maxtor 250 sata drive

I already used for some reference help

I got the drivers for the floppy here

any clues out there?  or any links to images of the setup that actually recognize the floppy during f6
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Well it let you point to the iaStor.inf file
I would take the manufacturers advice. Why risk not taking their advice? What possible gain would you get by not unplugging it?
slow_turtleAuthor Commented:
>>Well it let you point to the iaStor.inf file

not sure what you mean here... I think the answer is "no", it justs keeps saying hit "enter" after your disk is ready

>>I would take the manufacturers advice. Why risk not taking their advice? What possible gain would you get by not unplugging it?

what advice do you refer to?  not unplugging what?
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Oop sorry the advice thing was meant for another question sorry.
slow_turtleAuthor Commented:
no problem, thanks for the help anyways
Hmmm...I don't have much experience with the SATA drives, but this article may be of use to you:
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Try a different floppy disk?  Try building the floppy on another machine?  I know sometimes the heads on one FDD may be funky and dont always work properly.  So it just might be several things....
The drive you made the floppy on may have some synchronization problems so it may be off by just a tiny bit, but enough to write and read the info on it's own driver, but bringing it to another machine and using that very same disk may give errors, or say the disk is blank or unformatted.  However taking it back to the original system it still works fine.

Or, it could be that the target computer has a synchro problem with the driver or bad heads or the floppy drive is bad.

Or, it could just be that you have the wrong ICH5R drivers?

ORRRRRRR .....I just checked the specs out...and is as I thought.  I have worked with a different version of the Gigabyte board, that has four SATA controllers on them....Two of them are for the Intel ICH5R controller, and the other two are for the Silicon Image 3112 controller.  So you may have to figure out which ones you have connected the drive to.  And is possible that Win XP does not detect the drive on the ICH5R Controller so basically is asking you for the silicon drivers indirectly...

See drivers for your board here:

The list both SATA drivers on there.  So I would see about getting maybe the silicon drivers on the floppy or try moving your SATA Cable to a different SATA controller.

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WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
BTW those drivers there I believe are for when you have WinXP or Win whatever installed already.  so you may need to refer to a different webpage, or the Drivers that came with the motherboard (on CD)
to put them on floppy or have it create a floppy....etc
slow_turtleAuthor Commented:
thanks wakeup for the suggestions... i'm sure that its in the correct controller (ich5r), but i'll double check that... secondly i'm going to try to create the floppies on another computer..  thirdly i'm going to replace the floppy drive on my new pc...

The drivers i got are "supposedly" for f6 winsetup install (so i think they are correct), i got a feeling that its a floppy drive problem because windows setup doesnt recognize anything on the floppy.. I'll keep ya posted.  thanks again.
slow_turtleAuthor Commented:
thanks "wakeup" ... the problem turned out that my new floppy drive sucks and doesnt work (i replaced it and everything now works).. thanks, i never knew that floppy drives could be so finicky, i just assumed that they always worked.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Hehe...glad you got it worked out.  Ya, I had to think about it for a while...hence the comments towards the end on that accepted answer hehe....I was like hmmmmmmmmmm....could be a bad drive blah blah...seen it a few times....mainly a synch problem with the heads or whatever they call it...hehe
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