Any weakness by having window98 and window2000 pro in drive C alone

I was given a computer with windows98. So I installed window2k pro into it. Now my computer has win98 and win2k pro. Both OS are installed in drive C and I can select win98 or win2k when booting. So my question is

1) Is there any weakness for having both win98 and win2k occupying drive C?
2) Is there any potential problem I will face?

Note: My hard disk is not partitioned.

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Well that means the partition is FAT32 so you don't have the NTFS security and you can't use NTFS because Win98 is on the same partition.

When Win2000 installs it asks if you want to use a seperated partition. You really should have said yes to this because it isn't a good idea to have both of them on the same partition. I mean you may not run into any problems but then again you could.
On thing to try is to move the Win2000 Program files folder. You don't want these two OS's to share this folder

I have never found a supported way to accomplish the subject task, but here is a procedure that 'mostly' works:

1. Close ALL programs on your desktop.

2. Use Regedt32 to navigate to the following value names and change the data values to reflect the new location:



3. For Windows 2000, also modify:


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SFC\CommonFilesDir

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SFC\ProgramFilesDir

4. MOVE the current Program Files folder, and sub-folders, to the new location.

5. Search ALL shortcuts, *.lnk files, on the current \Program Files drive, for \Program Files content. For each shortcut returned, right click the shortcut and press Properties. Change any affected Target: and Start in:.

6. Use Regedit to search for Data that contains \Program Files\ and change any affected data values.

7. Shutdown and restart your computer.

The reason this 'mostly' works is that some installation programs do NOT check the ProgramFilesDir and CommonFilesDir registry entries.

NOTE: On Windows 2000, the CommonProgramFiles environment variable is set from the CommonFilesDir value name and the ProgramFiles environment variable is set from the ProgramFilesDir value name.

NOTE: On Windows 2000, you can limit your *.lnk search to the Documents and Settings folder and sub-folders, plus the SystemRoot%\Profiles folder. On Windows NT, use the SystemRoot%\Profiles folder. If you are doing this for your network, search any server based profile location.
My suggestion would be to reintall Win2000 but when the choices come up to create another partition for then say yes. Then if all goes well just delete the WINNT folder on the C drive since you will no longer need it.
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ricjavaAuthor Commented:
I think i should backup, format C and install window 2k. Spare myself from all troubles, do u think so?
Sounds like a plan. Do you have any games or such that you play alot. If so then doing a dual boot with Win98 may be the way to go because some games that work well on Win98 don't work so well on Win2000
Run the Win2000 installation and it will offer to format the partition for you.


I have done both of these methods and both work just fine. My personal preference is METHOD 1 because it is easier and quicker and if you only have one partition and want to continue with using one partition then you don't need to repartition.

Reformatting or repartitioning a disk deletes all of the data that is on the disk, so make sure that you back up your data before you reformat the disk.

Start the computer by using the Windows 2000 CD-ROM or the Startup disks.

When the Welcome to Setup screen appears, press F10.

In Recovery Console, specify the appropriate installation, and then log on by using your Administrator password.

Type map , and then press ENTER.

Note the drive that you want to reformat. The drive letters may be different in Recovery Console from what they are in Windows 2000.

Type format x: /fs:fat32 or  format x: /fs:ntfs, where x is the letter of the drive that you want to format and FAT32/NTFS is the file system that you want to use, and then press ENTER.

Type y and then press ENTER to confirm your choice. When the formatting process is finished, type exit and then press ENTER, to restart the computer.

Removing NTFS

Manually Remove Windows 2000;en-us;250456

Boot to the Windows 98 boot disk.

At the DOS prompt, type FDISK and select large hard drive support (answer "Y") and then remove the
non-DOS partition.

Reboot the system to the 98 disk again, but this time "with CD ROM drive support, and again load Fdisk. Again select large hard drive support.

Create a primary partition and make it active.

Reboot to the 98 disk again then run this command

Format C:

Now install.

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ricjavaAuthor Commented:
oh...I just want windows2000 only and no games needed. My computer is for software development purpose. I may install server programs and run app servers in my computer and database systems. So I think I only need window 2000.
Anyway, I do worry because my company did not have any drivers. Do u think I can get any drivers from the internet?
>>>Do u think I can get any drivers from the internet?

Most likely but you already installed Win2000 did it not work properly? If did then drivers shouldn't be a problem
ricjavaAuthor Commented:
When I install win2k to the computer, win98 is already installed with all drivers.
Sorry for the delay I went to bed shortly after my last comment.

>>>When I install win2k to the computer, win98 is already installed with all drivers.

When you intalled Win2000 did you tell it where to find the drivers. If not then Win2000 installed its own drivers. And most of the Win98 don't work on Win2000 any way so chances are those drivers weren't even used.
ricjavaAuthor Commented:
I have already formatted and install win2k in my computer. I think it is better for long run..thanks
You are welcome :)
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