stop error, can't boot

Hello, I have W2000 SP2 with most patches. I had to reboot recently after uninstalling Adobe reader and never got back . I’m getting stop error c0000263 Driver entry point not found mrxsmb.sys device driver could not locate entry point RxForceFinalInitializeAllVnetRoots in driver rdbss.sys. Some reading on the net shows lots of problems with these files but everything has worked fine until now. Can I fix this? I do have an image that could be reinstalled but I’d like to figure this out if possible. I can’t boot up in safe mode either. Thanks
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Hi jvf,

may be installing Adobe might have triggered this error.
u try uninstalling adobe.
update window with all the latest patches that include sp4.
install Adobe and during installation check out if nothing fails and u do as install wizard ask u to do.
reboot and see if u still see the problem.
Is this a BSOD error or are you getting into Windows and getting the error? I'm just trying to get clear on where you are with this:
a. Can't boot into OS since the uninstall of Adobe?
b. Getting BSOD error at boot?
c. Getting error in Windows after boot?

I'm assuming (A and B) and if so, unless there is some newly added hardware prior to the failed reboot that you can remove, your best bet is to re-image and promptly install SP4. This stop error is well known by MS and was fixed in SP4 [see Q329175]. I know it's not the answer you want to hear, but with your inability to get into safe mode, you aren't in any position to mount an assault here.
jvfAuthor Commented:
Hi KingHollis, your assumptions (A+B) are correct. Like shivsa, I'm always suspicious that a recent software change is the culprit, but, since I can't even boot to safe mode we'll never know. The drive is a Maxtor 40G. Going back to basics, I ran its diag. program. It finds an error and says to contact Maxtor. Although I can view and write to the contents of the drive when it's in another machine, I guess could have a read error in a critical bootup spot.  I also tried to reinstall to the point where I could add the recovery console but I the machine dies in the process, again pointing to a bad drive.

I passed on everything beyond SP2 because of MS auto uptate BS and intrusive new "agreement" policies, etc. Although you can turn this feature off, I think you can't just go and download any given patch because when you're at the update site and it sees SP3 you are force fed without choices. Is this true? What about SP4?
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This particular Q article seemes to have addressed this ish in SP4, but that's not to say you can't look at the composition of SP4 on Microsoft's website and find the particular fix winthin that addresses your particular concern.

I understand about your concern over the intrusiveness of AutoUpdate, but like you said, you can turn it off. Still, with W2K, I would strongly recommend SP3 at the very least. SP4 was/is a bit dodgy when it was first released, so I have held off deploying it in my enterprise until I am comfortable with the level of stability or am forced to by some ish.

As for your harddrive, you say it's readable connected to another system? Have you tried running CHKDSK /f on it from another system? And try defragging it while attached to another systems as well. If you can access the data and salvage it, it may be worthwhile to backup the data and format and start over just to confirm or deny a buggy harddrive.

Best of Luck!

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jvfAuthor Commented:
Good Ideas KingHollis, I'll try them and report back Wed or Thurs.
No worries. Good luck and keep me posted!
jvfAuthor Commented:
Got some interesting results but won’t know if I can boot until tonite. First chkdsk /f from command line gave numerous “can’t read File Record Segment xxxx” errors. I ran it from the GUI (properties-tools-error checking) but didn’t get any messages. Ran it from the command line again and got no messages. Don’t know what the difference would be-probably bad sectors being read sometimes. Anyway, I defragged and ran chkdsk both ways and it still didn’t complain.

So, I ran the HD diag program again. This time, instead of an error code and instructions to call Maxtor, I got a message offering to fix the problems found. It was accompanied with the usual back up your stuff  warnings and claimed some data would be destroyed. I kept typing YES and after a couple of seconds, it proclaimed the drive to be “fixed”. I could still see the drive and files after boot up in the host machine so I’ll take it home and see if it boots.
Interesting indeed. Let me know if it comes up fine at home. But you might want to consider this HD untrustworthy and unstable even if you are able to get it to boot. With storage being so cheap, it might be worth getting a new drive and some imaging software and see if you are any more successful. At the very least it will help you eliminate software and OS as culprits.
jvfAuthor Commented:
Oh well KingHollis, it was a flop. The drive wouldn’t boot up. Subsequent passes of the disk diag repeatedly found problems and “fixed” them but we never got off the ground. Your comments are well taken. Even if it did boot, I was going to get a new drive. This is another reminder of why our engineering dept. uses SCSI drives for longevity. From personal experience and observations, I have no faith in the reliability of today’s ATA drives. That is why I’ve long since purchased imaging software and gone to a “3 drive” method. One drive is for the OS and programs; one is for data and the third, in a removable case, is used for imaging the others and lives on the shelf. I store copies of the images on different computers and burn all critical data to CD every so often. I’ve considered a mirroring and/or raid solution but this method works fine for me. The most annoying thing was finding out (the hard way) that I couldn’t hot swap the removable drive (this was before USB 2 external drives). This prevents a quick backup of an important file. Promise has a controller that they claimed was hot swappable but I didn’t bother. I’ve seen a system from Addonics that utilizes serial ATA and is a hot swappable so I may try it.

I think this drive is still under warranty so my worst problem here is that all my spare drives are too small to receive the image of this one while I wait for a replacement. It’s a good excuse to get a serial ATA drive and try the Addonics system. I’m awarding the points to you because of your excellent comments and timely reminder to remember the basics (chkdsk). Thanks

P.S. I always get confused about simultaneously commenting and awarding points. I think I accept the answer and then somehow a box pops up and I comment after the fact? Can you clear this up? Anyway, I’ll post this and go back and accept your first response as an answer in an hour or so.
Good to see there are others that share my beliefs on separating your drives! In my opinion, which you surely echo, there is NO other way to go. Even if there's only one drive, I believe firmly in partioning in the same manner. I'm always dismayed when Dell sends corporate machines with preinstalled 60G C:\ !!! At least if your OS goes buggy then you can blow that partition away and start over, but still save your data.

That Addonics seems pretty sweet. I've been looking into doing something similar-- at present, in my home lab, I just have a Ghost server committed to handling my image repository. I'd be curious to see how well that Addonics works out. Best of luck with it.

I'm not really sure about the points thing--haven't asked any questions yet....stay tuned though!
Thanks for the consideration!
jvfAuthor Commented:
My guess was correct, you get to another window after accepting an answer and a comment can be added. When there is only one drive in a system I also partition it as we described. It really seems nutty not to separate data from programs. I'll save this link. If I try the Addonics system in a few weeks, I'll make a report.
Much appreciated! Look forward to hearing from you.
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