Win 2K screen resolution will not change?

Not sure how this happened but in opening Win2000 the desktop proerties appear to have become corrupted as when I attempt to change the resolution to reduce the size of the icons and fonts At this point they are huge 800 x 800 for eg. I have gone to the screen area size slider and which ever direction I go there is no change it goes through the motion but no change after 15 seconds.  Changing the screen colors and pixels has no effect.  I have checked the system for viruses and none are showing.  Also I have removed the second profile from the system yet at every boot it coms up with GUEST as the default login screen instead of ADMIN which should be the only profile.  Any ideas, suggestions etc.  Much appreciated!
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Try removing your display adapter from device manager. (Start->Run->devmgmt.msc)
Reboot and let 2k redetect it. . .
Download the latest drivers for you video card and reinstall them.
abmacrobieAuthor Commented:
Well, I did what has been suggested re "Download the latest drivers for you video card and reinstall them" and removed the devmgmt.msc driver to no avail.  When I try to change the settings in display properties it still remains at a setting of 800 x 600  when it used to be at 1280 x1024, it makes no difference what color resolution it is set at ie: 256 or 24 bit.  Any other suggestions?  trying to work at this resolution is a real challenge to say the least.
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Can you clarify this statement?
>>>Also I have removed the second profile from the system yet at every boot it coms up with GUEST as the default login screen instead of ADMIN which should be the only profile. <<<
abmacrobieAuthor Commented:
Re question Comment from sirbounty, I have removed the profile which I setup for my wife to login - named GUEST.  Yet after a reboot instead of the default profile of Administrator GUEST still appears and I have to manually type in the ADMINISTRATOR login info.  Maybe this is the way it is supposed to be not sure?!  After trying to remove the GUEST profile again under Local Users and Groups error came up saying that i cannot proform this operation on built-in accts.  Shouldn't I be able to setup a profile for Administrator only as i am now the only user?
The Guest account is typically disabled by default - good to keep it that way.

TweakUI will allow you to automatically log in:

or, via the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
  DefaultUserName: Administrator
  DefaultPassword: YourPassword (warning this will be stored in clear text and can be pulled from the registry, if anyone else has access to your pc)
  AutoAdminLogon: (1 enables autologon, 0 disables)

If that's not what you're after, let me know. . .
abmacrobieAuthor Commented:
To sirbounty, Thanks for your reply, the login thing is minor compared to this screen reslution thing which I cannot seem to change.  I have removed / updated and reinstalled the drivers with no any other ideas?
Try SFC /Scannow from Start->Run
Also - what are the results via Safe Mode?  Same thing or typical  640x480 display?
abmacrobieAuthor Commented:
Re Comment from sirbounty
I have tried the changing of the screen resolution in Safe Mode with no success either, it behaves exactly as it does in the normal boot mode stuck on a 640x480 display yet it says the resolution will be changed in 15 seconds etc.
abmacrobieAuthor Commented:
Re Comment from sirbounty, the SFC/Scannow command on my system the error displays cannot find the file SFC/Scannow so I am unable to provide any results..
Make sure there is a space after SFC

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abmacrobieAuthor Commented:
In safe mode after running the SFC /Scannow, I was able to change the resolution, although the only options were 640 x 480 and 800 x 600 with a display of only 16 colors. The SFC/Scannow ran but did not seem to do much, it didn't give me any options or results?  Upon reboot to the normal Win 2k.  Is there anything else i can do here?
Go into display properties (right-click desktop/properties or control panel/display) and change to the Appearance tab.  Adjust it to use a standard Windows scheme.
That should resolve the icon problem you're having.
Next go to the Settings tab.  Click Advanced.  What type of adapter does it show?  On one of the tabs, it should also have a frequency setting for your monitor.  Make sure that is at 60 Hertz.

Also - would you have another computer to pull a video card from to test it?  It may just be on the way out. . .better to test it than troubleshoot something that can't be fixed.
abmacrobieAuthor Commented:
Should I reinstall Windows 2K OS perhaps, yet I really do not want to do this?
Try a repair installation first (before the full backup/reformat/install):
Won't know until the author responds. . .
abmacrobie - is this problem resolved or have you given up on it?
If it's still an open-issue, there's no need to accept any answer until either we've discovered the fix or found bad hardware to be the problem.
Please provide an update on your current situation.  
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