How to get the available space on a CD-R/CD-RW disk?

In Windows XP, how can I get the available space on a CD-R/CD-RW disk?
GetDiskFreeSpace and GetDiskFreeSpaceEx both return 0.
Using Scripting.FileSystemObject results in 0.

When I look at the drive in the Explorer, it tells me the Total Size and Free Space.  How can I get this information?  Any help will be appreciated.  BTW, I'm using Visual C++ 6.0 on WinXP Pro.

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GetDiskFreeSpaceEx("\<path to cd drive>",&free,&total,&totalfree);

Note that according to the docs, you must follow the path with an additional backslash.
u can read this full document for details.

if they return 0, it means command passed and u have to check the values for free/total/totalfree variables.
DouglasHoltAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but in my question I mentioned that GetDiskFreeSpaceEx results in 0.  I use GetDiskFreeSpaceEx, and it works for all drive types except the CD.
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also try int GET_DISK_SPACE(char *,float *,float *,float *)

where the drive name must be specified in the form of it's root directory name (e.g. c:\ or d:\) and all other values are returned by the routine. The return value is 0 for success, and non-zero for an error condition.
The four arguments are interpreted as follows:

       1st   :   Root Directory of Disk Drive (e.g. c:\ or d:\)
       2nd   :   Available Space in Megabytes
       3rd   :   Total Space in Megabytes
       4th   :   Free Space in Megabytes

The root directory name must be supplied, while the three space values are returned by the routine
also u can try the code from here.
DouglasHoltAuthor Commented:
Again, thanks, but all of the above answers use GetDiskFreeSpaceEx and I can't find any information on GET_DISK_SPACE.  The sample from BlackBeltVB uses GetDiskFreeSpaceEx as well.
GET_DISK_SPACE is from this site.
DouglasHoltAuthor Commented:
The above two comments both resolve down to GetDiskFreeSpaceEx, which doesn't work.  I'm looking for any answer that does not involve GetDiskFreeSpaceEx, thanks.
This information depends on the way of CD burning. If you are using built-in Windows XP CD burning support, check out this sample:
CD Burning Sample Application
Demonstrates the new Windows® XP Image Mastering API used to enable your application to burn data and audio CDs.

I beleive this API can help:

If you are using Nero, NeroGetCDInfo does the job:

GetDiskFreeSpaceEx is not supported by CD burning drivers.

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DouglasHoltAuthor Commented:
Thanks much!  I'll look into that info and get back with you...
DouglasHoltAuthor Commented:

  I was able to use the wrapper classes for IDiscMaster etc work.  This is exactly what I needed and more!  Now I can do the actual burning without relying on the shell and the user to do the right thing with it.  Perfect!!!  Thanks a bunch!  Now if only we could get MS to port this back to Windows 2000, 98, NT 4.0, etc.  <dream on!>  Fortunately, for other reasons we're already requiring Windows XP, so I'm golden!
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