using make install

I want to install libnet on a Linux system however parts of the filesystem are RO on this system that are normaly RW on most system. libnet wants to use the RO parts, how can I tell make install to put the files in a differnt spot?

Thank you for your time,
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u can try any of this option.

If the RPM is incompatible only because of installation path differences, you can either try to 'relocate' it:

rpm -i --relocate oldpath=newpath

or - before you install it - you link the RPMs installation directory to the one preferred by your system, e.g.

ln -s /usr /opt/kde
for SuSE's or Caldera's KDE RPMs
if your case u have to see where it install lets say /opt/old_path (which is RO).

ln -s /RW_path /opt/old_path
ArrummzenAuthor Commented:
'If the RPM is incompatible only because of installation path differences, you can either try to 'relocate' it:"

Im not using an rpm, My system uses an Intel PXA 255 NOT an x86 CPU. An rpm of x86 binnarys is useless to me. however beacuse C is platform independent I can recompile libnet for my syste.

I need to get it working using only the GNU build tools.

Thank you for your time,
when u configure there is option in configure.

./configure [--prefix=PREFIX]

This will test your system and decide the versions that will work for you
(user-level, Linux module, or both). It will tell you what is wrong if it
cannot compile a version. Run

      ./configure --help

to see more options for `./configure'.
After running `./configure', the `make install' command will install the user-level executable and all
under PREFIX (which defaults to /usr/local).

so u have to change the PREFIX value while running configure.

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ArrummzenAuthor Commented:
Good answer, thats what I needed to know. I thought it would be a option to make install, but I guess it was a configure option.

Thank you for your time,
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