Wireless Laptop VPN problems

Hey guys heres a quick summary.

My boss just got Cable broadband for his home.  and just bought a band spankin new laptop that has an integrated wireless connection.  He has no problem getting online anywhere in the house using it.

But he CANNOT connect to our server at work using the VPN.  It throws him an error 721 - Remote computer did not respond.  

However if he hooks up to a phone line, dials into his old ISP  then tries connecting to the VPN the connection works fine.  So somethings going goofy with the wireless stuff.
My initial reaction was a security measure.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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Don't think the following link will do it for you but it may be worth the read


Attempting to log into the VPN from an XP machine hangs during the verifying
username/password portion of the login. If you wait long enough, you
eventually get back one of several error codes.. The most popular are:
Error 721: Remote computer did not respond
and Error 619: The port was disconnected.

His solution was:

The problem appears to have been with the route on the RRAS end of the server. Disabling and re-enabling the 'internal' NIC seemed to rebuild the
route correctly. The only thing I can think of is that the route must've
been built dynamically at boot based on the card startup order

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Can you check if the wireless is reaching the VPN server at all? Also, enable logging and provide the traces generated (under %windir%\tracing\ppp.log) to see if there is anything of interest happening.
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NoodlesWIUAuthor Commented:
nope, no help thats talking about dial up problems with an HP  its broadband that he has, and its a brand new gateway notebook.
NoodlesWIUAuthor Commented:
What the.....Ok guys let me make a note here.  Im a hardware technician and LAN I level knowledge.  Im good with troubleshooting connectivity issues, ie crimping and punching down cables, little bit of server work very little though.  So please be a little layman with terms.  Because I havent got mcuh of a clue what your talking about when it comes to changing config's on the server.  Im just now working on my MCSE and MCSA.  =)
do u heppen to know which wireless router he is using.
it is something with timing, u MAY get this error if u take more time to authenticate yourself on VPN server.
so the problem may be wireless router.
download latest firmware patches for router, and try again.
Hi  NoodlesWIU,
It certainly sounds like he needs some configuration on his home router/modem.
Has he tried to connect to the VPN from any other wireless hotspots, ie. airports, hotels etc?
the fact that he is connecting via the phone means he is setup ok on the laptop & at the office end.
So it comes back to what router/modem is he using at home?
NoodlesWIUAuthor Commented:
In the process of updating firmware for him.  Unfortunately I have to give him phone support because we are about 120 miles apart at the moment so its kinda a bitch when I cant play with the router physically myself.  Yeah he just plugged it in and hasnt done any configuration to the router yet by accessing it via its ip address.  Im wondering if he doesnt have PPTP enable for VPN on it.  its a linksys WRT54G  Not sure if its V1.0 or V1.1  Ohwell if its what I think it is then ill be extremely happy.
linksys has been reported to have lots of problem.

check this discussion and see if something comes up.
The manual for this router is at
You want page 34 "VPN passthrough"
good luck
That last link was for the 1.1 ver.
this one is for 1.0
NoodlesWIUAuthor Commented:

Thank you but that was the first thing I looked at.
Dear  NoodlesWIU,
did u check the article and suggestions given in that.
How about updating to the latest wireless NIC driver?

NoodlesWIUAuthor Commented:
I'm awaiting his call.  So I will try your suggestions when he calls.
Not sure if it is too late to give aide on this one...not looking for points or anything...just exhausted and frustrated from scouring the Internet for an answer to this problem...

I have the wrt54g and have VPN connection issues (connects for like 3 days then starts getting the 721 error). When I reboot my router I am able to connect again...for a few days...then it goes down. I am on a cable connection with a dynamic IP. One thought is that it could be that when my IP is released and renewed the problem starts.

But, what I just found is that if I disable my Windows XP firewall (actually adding an exception for port 1723) it connected right away. Now this is day 1 of the fix...I guess I will see in about 3 days if this is a solid fix.

I am not that familiar with routing or with the Windows firewall but it was suggested to me that it might be the Windows firewall caching the routing to the vpn in some way that when the cable modem IP gets renewed the firewall fails to update with the new routing path. Again, I don't know anything about that stuff, just wanted to add that to the list of info in case it could lead someone else down a path to a solution.
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