error in dxdiag with the sound.

I get an error when running the directsound tests. I wouldn't normally be bothered as most the sound works ok, but i've been having problems with voices in games.
The exact error says: DirectSound test results: Failure at step 10 (Secondary buffer): HRESULT = 0x8878001e (Control not available)
MS shows this information: DSERR_CONTROLUNAVAIL - The buffer control (volume, pan, and so on) requested by the caller is not available.

I have a hercules digifire 7.1 soundcard, windows XP with all updates, direct x 9.0b installed.
i have no conflicts with anything in device manager.

any ideas anyone?
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I would say reinstall directx, reinstall sound card drivers, and trying a different sound card
rtyallAuthor Commented:
I have tried updating direct X (gone from 9 - 9b), and reinstalled soundcard drivers. I've tried adjusting the number of hardware and software voices it can handle. I've turned on and off the hardware acceleration for 2d and 3d sounds. I'va also tried lowering the hardware acceleration in the dxdiag test, which works if you have no acceleration, but thats only becuase it's forced to only use software accelersation and doesn't perform any hardware rendering tests.
I really am at a loss for this.
I could try another soundcard, but i know my old soundcard did pass all the tests when i last had it installed, and i can't see how that would get me any closer to resolving the problem.

Thanks for your suggestion though.
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Oh My God again DirectX 9.0 :(

90% people having Directx 9.0 when playing old games orusing old software which uses vioce operation.
So my only suggestion is that uninstall directx 9.0from ursystem, uninstall the sound card drivers, reboot the system, now install directx 8.0, and after that install the sound cards drivers again. reboot the system and check if ur problem has resolved or not ??

to uninstall Directx9 download this software:

to download directx 8.0:

rtyallAuthor Commented:
Sorry to mess everyone about. I've fixed it now. appears it was a problem with some files being left on the pc from the windows WDM crystal soundcard drivers. I found a util on the hercules website to get rid of all crystal soundcard driver files, used that, and installed just the hercules ones. has solved the problem now, and just gotta test the game and make sure it still has voices in it.
Cheers for all your help.
I think the asker solved the problem on his\her own, so better refund the points here :-)

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