My router causing me problem to recieve and send files

I am using a smc 7004abr router. And the network i use is cable boardband.
I try to use chat program such as icq and irc to send and recieve file. but i cant, can anybody please help me to solve this problem?
I am not sure how to set those port or proxy stuff..
Please help..urgent.
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could u be more specfic about what u need to know.

u do not proxy setting if u are not having proxy server.

if u having router and your normal internet works, like u can do surfing the web/send mails and all then there should not be any problem with chatting too.

just follow the guideline whatever is there onyour chat engine to install chat.
iCeFiReAuthor Commented:
sorry, perhap you have misunderstood my problem.
it's not that i cannot chat, but it's just that i couldn't send or recieve any file. chatting is not a problem.
even i using program such as kazza, i also couldnt recieve or send any file
Are you using a firewall if so which one?
It sounds like there a firewall is blocking access to file transfer.
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iCeFiReAuthor Commented:
i think my router have a built in firewall.
there is your answer.

You might have to enable port forwarding for the file transfer port to your machine.(most people use NAT for this (network address translation).
The proceddure to set this up is different on every DSL modem/router so you'll have to look at the manual.
u may try this.
go to main->connections->user and choose the "Use the following TCP listen ports for incoming events".
Enter a range of ports above 1023 like 1050-1055. Then configure NAT on your broadband router to forward all requests for port 1050-1055 to your computer.

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iCeFiReAuthor Commented:
sorry i am not very sure about this part
main->connections->user and choose the "Use the following TCP listen ports for incoming events".
that should be in your ICQ options.
iCeFiReAuthor Commented:
i have done that part.
but it still not working
i at icq use not using proxy
then choose "Use the following TCP listen ports for incoming events".
from 24500 to 24505
whereas for my router i open port 24500 to 24505
and triggle port 5190, which is the icq one and open a public port from 24500 to 24505
but it still doesnt work.
There are four things that you will need to check when working with ICQ and file transfers:
1. Check your ICQ connection settings
2. Check your ICQ privacy settings for file transfers
3. Check what version of ICQ you are using. There are different versions of ICQ that have had different bugs. Your troubleshooting may take you in different directions, depending on the version of ICQ and the operating system you are using.
4. Check your router settings and port forwarding. This usually applies if you have a router and/or firewall software. If you have broadband (cable modem or DSL) this will usually apply to you. Make sure you have corresponding ports open between your router and your ICQ connection settings, then ICQ will not be able to get past your router or firewall software.
1. No Proxy, set open range of ports that I have opened with my router/firewall.
check this website, it has icq problems sections and configuration for routers.
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