memory stick - I need another one of these

Memory Module Properties      
Module Name      Samsung M3 68L6423ETM-CCC
Serial Number      3418753857
Module Size      512 MB (2 rows, 4 banks)
Module Type      Unbuffered
Memory Type      DDR SDRAM
Memory Speed      PC3200 (200 MHz)
Module Width      64 bit
Module Voltage      SSTL 2.5
Error Detection Method      None
Refresh Rate      Reduced (7.8 us), Self-Refresh
Highest CAS Latency      3.0 (5.0 ns @ 200 MHz)
2nd Highest CAS Latency      2.5 (6.0 ns @ 166 MHz)
Memory Module Features      
Early RAS# Precharge      Not Supported
Auto-Precharge      Not Supported
Precharge All      Not Supported
Write1/Read Burst      Not Supported
Buffered Address/Control Inputs      Not Supported
Registered Address/Control Inputs      Not Supported
On-Card PLL (Clock)      Not Supported
Buffered DQMB Inputs      Not Supported
Registered DQMB Inputs      Not Supported
Differential Clock Input      Supported
Redundant Row Address      Not Supported
Memory Module Manufacturer      
Company Name      Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
Product Information

I love AIDA32!  I love it!  I love it!  I'd like a link to a site that sells these so I can buy another one for dual channel stuff.

Thank you,
Radomir Jordanovic
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rtg - very interesting - even Samsung's web site does admit to the existence of Samsung RAM. Crucial does not list Samsung as far as I can make out either. Are you sure your info' is correct?

Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi radomirthegreat,

Why do you need exactly that one?
Try kingston or Crucial for some memmory for that motherboard. There is normally no need for getting exactly the same kind of module.


If you wish to get this memory it is available for order & in stock according to Samsung
give your local Samsung outlet a call & quote "M3 68L6423ETM-CCC" as the Part #.
For more info on the part code you posted, view page 5 on this PDF
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radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
Could I get dual channel with another manufacturer's stick?  I'd like guaranteed stability, and so far this ram hasn't failed me.
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
Samsung's site says nothing about the ram having a CAS latency of 2.  However, I run mine like that all the time.  
It would be best to have a matching pair.
The following supports this from
"Paired memory means that the two sticks are tested together and then packaged together. The reason companies like Corsair and OCZ do this is because it ensures that the modules are compatible together in a dual channel configuration and overclock around the same speeds. Also there are very strict requirements that have to be met to run dual channel on chipsets like the 875P. The memory modules almost have to be identical."
In short get an exact match
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the delay.

If I get memory with Samsung chips from Kingston, could it be compatible with mine?
At a guess i would say no, each company will be doing different things on the SIMM.
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
Would I be better off using the stick on a single channel DDR board and buying two identical sticks for myself?
Now your talking .
Go for a matched as described above it will be worth it.

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radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
HyperX PC-3500?

Who'd like a PC-3200 CL2 stick with a copper heat spreader?  Never overclocked, $130!
radomirthegreatAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  All in all, I have figured out that my ram isn't worth the trouble.  Anyway, I can run HyperX at 5-2-2-2, and that's awesome.
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